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CU Xchange

CU Xchange is a closed group of credit unions, facilitated by the Nebraska Credit Union League (NCUL). The intent of the group is to allow for the exchange of items among and between credit unions.

CU Xchange Group Rules:

1-NCUL is not held responsible or liable for any transactions associated with this group.

2-NCUL is not responsible for the transfer or delivery of any items exchanged on this site. Each member shall arrange for the transfer of items.

3-This site is intended for the transfer of credit union equipment. No personal items or job postings are to be listed on this page.

4-All posts will be subject to approval.

Log into Facebook and go to the League FB Page to ask to join the group!

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Alloya’s Loan Participation Plan


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Create A Win-Win By Reducing Members’ Anxiety

Leading consulting firms, such as Forrester and Bain & Co., have long maintained emotions are key in shaping customer experience (CX) perceptions.  {Read The Full Article}

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Why Your Credit Union Needs to Offer a Gift Card

More than half of the American population purchased at least one prepaid card in 2017. {Read The Full Article}

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Webinar Schedule

Upcoming for August and September:

Aug 20 2019         Regulation E Series: How to Handle Unauthorized Electronic Fund Transfers Under Reg E

Aug 21 2019       Call Report Series: The Financial Statement Audit Process

Aug 22 2019         Developing the Right Strategic Plan for Your Credit Union

Aug 27 2019         Opening Donation, Memorial & Other Accounts for Nonprofit Organizations & Corporations

Aug 28 2019         IRA Series: Top 10 Most Misunderstood IRA Issues: Turning Confusion into Confidence

Aug 29 2019         Effective Management of Credit Report Disputes: Completing ACDVs, AUDs & Correcting Joint Credit

Sep 4 2019           Official Demands Part 2: Handling Garnishments, Levies & Judgment Liens

Sep 5 2019           Auditing E-Policies & Procedures: Risks, Rules & Records

Sep 10 2019         Managing Minor Accounts: Withdrawals, Transfers, CDD, Closing & Best Practices

Sep 11 2019         Conducting the 2019 ACH Audit

Sep 12 2019         Mortgage Lending Hot Spots Series: Appraisal & Evaluation Guidance on Collateral Valuation

Sep 16 2019         New Compliance Officer Boot Camp

Sep 17 2019         IRA Series: Handling IRA Required Minimum Distributions & Roth Distributions

Sep 18 2019         Regulation E Series: Auditing for Reg E Compliance

Sep 19 2019         New ACH Return Reason Codes R11 & R17: Proper Use, Impact & Deadlines

Sep 24 2019         Mitigating a Data Breach: Forensics & Incident Response

Sep 25 2019         Hiring in the Digital Age: What Every HR Manager Needs to Know About Social Media

Sep 26 2019         What Directors Should Know About CECL, ALLL & the New Credit Impairment Standards

HERE to view all online for webinars

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CUCollaborate Has You Covered

Field of Membership Mapping Tools and Consulting {Read The Full Article}

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CU Advocates Hike the Hill

On July 24th, Nebraska credit union advocates “hiked the hill” to support the credit union federal tax exemption, push for governance updates, urge common sense in communications with members, insist on universal standards for data security, and to tell the story of how credit unions are serving their communities.  {Read The Full Article}

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Credit Union Design Tips: Drive-Up / Drive-Through Tellers

As today’s financial industry continues to evolve, CLH Architects continues to create environments which use the latest security technologies and innovations to improve member and staff satisfaction with  aesthetically pleasing environments, efficient layouts for transactions, and a sense of safety. {Read The Full Article}

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Has Your Overdraft Program Evolved to Stay Relevant?

As technology, regulations and consumer preferences continue to morph at a rapid speed, it’s essential for your service offerings to keep pace. {Read The Full Article}

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Planning Pro by CU Solutions Group

Every credit union invests valuable time, money and effort into strategic planning. Even with the best intentions, it’s difficult to anticipate all the complexities and challenges it takes to develop a thorough strategic plan. {Read The Full Article}

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What is it Worth to Protect Your Identity?

Over the past couple of years there has been an average of 15 million or more people attacked by an ID theft or fraud event in the United States. {Read The Full Article}

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Senate Staff Visits Creighton FCU

Creighton Federal Credit Union was visited by two key staff members of U.S. Senator Deb Fischer’s office who advise Senator Fischer on banking issues.  {Read The Full Article}

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Making the Most of Your League Membership

The League is driven by a commitment to deliver quality information, products, and services to help credit unions prosper and compete in an ever-changing financial services marketplace. {Read The Full Article}

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Free TRID Refresher – PolicyWorks Webinar

League Dues Supported Webinar | Thursday, August 22 at 1 p.m. CT

TRID Refresher: Common Audit and Exam Findings

In our next compliance town hall, we will be giving a TRID refresher. We will cover common disclosure errors found by our audit team and best practices for executing compliant disclosures.


Click here to register for this webinar. 

PolicyWorks Town Hall webinars are brought to you through your membership with the Nebraska Credit Union League.


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