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Upcoming NCUL Events

Mark Your Calendars for these NCUL upcoming events!

January 30 – NCUL Jam the Unicam

March 22 – NCUL Lending Workshop (Lincoln)
March 23 – NCUL Lending Workshop

April 4 – NCUL Small Credit Union Workshop/Webinar
April 12 – PolicyWorks Compliance Update Webinar

May 16 – P2P NCUL Marketing Lunch
May 31 – NCUL Annual Meeting & Convention  (Embassy Suites Old Market Omaha)

June 1 – NCUL Annual Meeting & Convention
June 2 – NCUL Annual Meeting & Convention

October 4 – NCUL Compliance Conference
October 5 – NCUL Compliance Conference


**Numerous webinars are held every week all year.  Be sure to check the website,

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Nebraska CUs Contributed to State’s Economy in 2015, According to CUNA Estimates

The estimated economic contribution of Nebraska credit unions to the State’s economy in 2015 was $574 million according to CUNA’s “Estimates of Credit Unions’ Economic Contributions by State” report. In 2015 there were 62 credit unions in Nebraska serving 491,850 members (tax paying working class Nebraskans) – 26% of the state’s population. Credit unions contributed 3,691 direct and indirect jobs and $158 million in direct and “induced” labor income.

“The value of the cooperative finance model is paying big dividends to the state’s economy,” according to J. Scott Sullivan, president/CEO of the Nebraska Credit Union League. “Nebraska credit unions are vital to the financial success of consumers and the economy”

More detail what the impact of credit unions means:

Direct impacts represent the output, employment/jobs, and earnings within credit unions. Credit unions hire workers and purchase goods and services to support their operations.

– Indirect impacts are caused by the direct expenditures, which trigger other impacts in the economy. As credit union outputs expands, it generates additional demand for goods and services from other sectors of the economy, and subsequently generates additional rounds of spending in other sectors.

– Induced impacts are created from expenditures of employees directly and indirectly supported by credit union operations. This impact is often called the household-spending effect.

The bottom line: If state residents are saving at and borrowing from credit unions in their states rather than regional or national banks, the money stays in the state boosting the state’s economy.

graph1 graph2 graph3

**2015 data from NCUA and CUNA were used for this report. Estimates were derived using the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) RIMS II multipliers.

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Measure Your Credit Union’s Member Value With CUAnalyzer
Measure Your Credit Union’s Member Value With CUAnalyzer

Credit unions across the country use Callahan’s Return of the Member (ROM) scoring to support their member-facing goals, hold staff accountable to better serve members, and demonstrate the impact credit unions have in their communities. ROM is a quantitative way for credit unions to shout out that difference to members. The ROM calculation considers three core credit union functions: Return to Savers (savings), Return to Borrowers (lending), and Member Participation (product usage).

Where does your credit union rank? View your ROM score in comparison to your asset-based national peers by logging into CUAnalyzer and clicking “Member Value” on the left navigation.

We commonly use asset groups to base rankings. Here you will state averages to give you another perspective.

These 20 Nebraska CUs Top Callahan’s ROM Index
Data as of 9/30/2016 | For more details about how Callahan’s ROM scoring is calculated, click here.

About CUAnalyzer

CUAnalyzer is Callahan’s educational analysis tool. It makes it easy for credit union executives, employees, and volunteers to understand their credit union’s financial data and how it compares to other credit unions in their area or those who operate using a similar business model. Click here to register for an upcoming training session or contact us with specific questions.

Users can look at pre-built packets featuring metrics that directly measure their department’s success. Your credit union has access to CUAnalyzer through its affiliation with Nebraska Credit Union League.

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Campaign for Common-Sense Regulation

CUNA__Common Sense Logo__Horiz__FINAL__4C

This year, we have the best possible opportunity for credit union advocacy victories on the regulatory relief front. With CUNA, the Leagues and credit unions joining forces like never before, we need everyone in the system to be engaged and help drive the Campaign for Common-Sense Regulation.


Regulation has a $7.2 billion financial impact on credit unions that not only impacts your bottom line but your members’ wallets. With a pro-credit union majority in Congress, now is the time to put our best foot forward towards regulatory relief:

Regulatory Burden Study Executive Summary

Consumer Research on Regulatory Reform

For more information, go to

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Nominations for the League Board of Directors Now Open

Pursuant to the Election Procedures for the NCUL Board of Directors, a call for nominations was issued on January 10th. All directors elected during this balloting will serve beginning June 1, 2017. Information has been sent to each eligible member credit union CEO; anyone interested in running for the Board should review the election materials carefully and submit their nomination by 5:00 PM Central Time on March 10th.

The League Board of Directors consists of nine members. For this election cycle there are three seats up for election. Each of the three seats will carry a three-year term. The regular seats include:

– Asset Category B: Credit unions with $40 to $100 million in assets
– Geographic District 2
– Geographic District 3

In order to qualify to run for the position of Director a nominee must be a either the CEO or senior management employee (as defined by NCUA); or a voting member of the board of directors of a credit union in Good Standing in NCUL. More qualification information is available in the nomination materials that were mailed to the credit union.

In order to participate, candidates must complete the following:

– Board of Directors Candidate Nomination & Consent Form
– Board of Directors Candidate Profile Form
– Board of Directors Nomination Seconding Form

Nomination packets may be obtained by calling 800-950-4455, ext. 207 or by sending a request via email to

The Board of Directors Candidate Nomination & Consent Form, Board of Directors Candidate Profile Form and the Board of Directors Nomination Seconding Form must be filled out and submitted by 5:00 PM Central Time Friday, March 10, 2017 using one of the following methods:

By mail or other delivery method to the following address:
Scott Sullivan
Board Secretary
Nebraska Credit Union League
4885 South 118th Street, Suite 150
Omaha, NE 68137

– By e-mail to
– By Fax to 402-333-9431

The Nomination & Election Committee of the Nebraska Credit Union League Board of Directors shall review and determine candidate eligibility according to the NCUL Bylaws and Nomination/Election procedures. Candidates submitting inaccurate or incomplete information and not meeting the requirements of these rules and the NCUL Bylaws will be disqualified from running for a seat on the board.

The League will distribute ballot information to all eligible credit unions on April 10, 2017. Casting of mail ballots will begin on April 10, 2017 and will close on April 28, 2017. NCUL will announce the names of the successful candidates no later than May 15, 2017.

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America Saves Week is Near!

America Saves Week, held this February 27 – March 4, is an annual opportunity for organizations to promote good savings behavior and a chance for individuals to assess their own saving status. Thousands of organizations typically participate, reaching millions of people. Participation in the Week is easy, no matter how big or small your organization is. The impact of good savings behaviors is huge and every saver counts.

Learn more by clicking HERE.

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105th Legislature is Underway

The 105th Legislature convened for its First Session on January 4th.  There were seventeen (17) newly elected State Senators sworn in on the first day as well as the swearing in of officers.  The body elected new leadership including a new Speaker, Standing Committee Chairs, Select and Special Committee Charis.  The new Speaker is Jim Scheer of Norfolk.  Speaker Scheer defeated Senator Matt Williams of Gothenburg for the top post.

Bill introduction is underway and runs for the first ten days of the session.  Each legislative bill that is introduced will receive a public hearing before a legislative standing committee.  Each Senator can designate one bill as their priority bill which gives those bills preference when it comes to floor debate scheduling.  Each Standing Committee gets two priority designations and the Speaker gets 25 such designations.  The session will run 90 working days and is likely to adjourn in late May or early June.

The Banking, Commerce and Insurance Committee will have a new Chairman in Senator Brett Lindstrom of Omaha.  Senator Lindstrom ran unopposed for the position and was elected by his colleagues.  The Committee will have four new faces including Senator Tom Brewer (LD 43), Senator Roy Baker (LD 30), Senator John S. McCollister (LD 20), and Senator Mark Kolterman (LD 24).  Members that remain on the Committee include Senator Paul Schumacher (LD 22), Senator Matt Williams (LD 36), Senator Joni Craighead (LD 6), and Senator Brett Lindstrom (LD 18).

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$71 and Counting Campaign

The League initiated what they are calling the “$71 and Counting” Campaign to raise end of the year funds for the credit union political action committees CULAC and NCULPAC.  The campaign asks credit union staff members and volunteers to contribute $71 to either NCULPAC or CULAC by December 31st.  The $71 appeal represents the annual cost on each credit union member of unnecessary and burdensome regulations that have been piling up since the Financial Crisis in 2008.  The campaign coincides with the advocacy efforts that will be put forth in 2017 to reduce the regulatory burden on America’s credit unions by CUNA, the Leagues, and credit union advocates. {Read The Full Article}

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Bacon Visits NCUL

Congressman-Elect Don Bacon met with League staff on December 5th at the League office.  Mr. Bacon defeated incumbent Congressman Brad Ashford in the U.S. House race in District 2.  District 2 includes Douglas County and west Sarpy County.  {Read The Full Article}

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Loyalty Rewards with ScoreCard®

Loyalty is the most critical metric that credit unions can use to measure performance. Loyal members stay; indifferent members leave. Keeping existing members is easier than finding new ones. Loyal members spread the brand and urge others to join. Loyalty is unquestionably the key to success. Friendly staff, winning smiles, and good member service, however, will only take member loyalty so far today; to stay competitive credit unions must offer compelling card programs and rewards that have real meaning to their members. {Read The Full Article}

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NCUA Chair Rick Metsger to Keynote 2017 League Annual Meeting

Current NCUA Board Chairman Rick Metsger is confirmed as the keynote speaker for the 2017 League Annual Meeting scheduled for June 1st in downtown Omaha. {Read The Full Article}

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Nebraska Credit Unions Reach 500,000 Member Milestone

For the first time, Nebraska credit unions have surpassed 500,000 members. Credit union memberships reached 501,273 in the 3rd quarter. More than one in four of the state’s population now participates in the financial benefits of credit union membership. {Read The Full Article}

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Surprising No One, ABA Sues NCUA Over Field of Membership

The American Bankers Association (ABA) filed a lawsuit against the NCUA over the agency’s final field of membership (FOM) rule, which was also published in the Federal Register yesterday.  The lawsuit is very similar to the recent Independent Community Bankers Association’s lawsuit against NCUA over the recent final Member Business Lending (MBL) Rule.  Both lawsuits allege that the NCUA has improperly interpreted the Federal Credit Union Act in its recent FOM and MBL rulemakings. {Read The Full Article}

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General Colin Powell at CUNA GAC

General Colin Powell has served as a soldier, a statesman and a diplomat, among many other roles, for nearly six decades. {Read The Full Article}

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CU Reviews Reveal Fascinating Trends by State

Throughout 2016, the Business Development/Operations team at CU Service Network was on the road meeting with our credit unions. They logged thousands of miles, visiting credit union clients in both metro areas and far-flung corners of four states – Iowa, Nebraska, Idaho, and New Mexico. {Read The Full Article}

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Credit Unions Must Redefine the Digital Experience


Over $12.6B was invested in FinTech (1) in the first six months of this year, building on more than $19B of investment through 2015. The bar for digital disruption in the financial sector has been firmly set. Put simply, offering online services is no longer a selling point – it’s the standard. {Read The Full Article}

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Nussle Named as Top Association Lobbyist


CUNA President/CEO Jim Nussle is named top lobbyist for associations by The Hill. Nussle has appeared on The Hill‘s annual list naming the top lobbyists in Washington, D.C., for three consecutive years. {Read The Full Article}

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Invest in America Program Changes

Effective November 1, 2016, the DIRECTV and Allied Moving programs came to a close, and we are approaching CU Road Pal’s sunset on January 1, 2017.

Regarding the elimination of these programs, IIA is providing direction below to aid in the transition.   As these doors close, another is already opening. They are working with Sprint to develop a much more valuable proposition for both credit unions and members. Starting January 2017, they will launch the best Sprint Credit Union Member offer ever. For every new line activated, members will be eligible to receive $100 cash back with no limits — one line = $100, four lines = $400, 10 lines = $1,000! More information will be coming soon about this great, new offer! {Read The Full Article}

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The Credit Union Foundation of Nebraska is Here for You

Credit unions across Nebraska are improving their communities and empowering people of all ages to become financially independent. And, the Credit Union Foundation of Nebraska is with them every step of the way supporting them. {Read The Full Article}

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What’s the Difference Between CULAC, NCULPAC, NCULLAC?

You often hear these acronyms (CULAC, NCULPAC, NCULLAC) at credit union functions or read about them in publications like this one but just what are they?

In politics, candidates who are running for local, state, or federal office need primarily two things to get elected…money and votes.  A candidate needs money so that they can run an effective campaign that educates the voters on why they (voters) should elect him or her to represent the respective district.  There are federal laws that govern who can make contributions to federal candidates (those running for federal office ie: President, US Senate, US House) and how much can be contributed to one candidate by an individual or a political action committee (PAC).  Also, each state has its own laws that regulate who can give to local and state candidates and how much can be given in an election cycle. {Read The Full Article}

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