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As today’s financial industry continues to evolve, CLH Architects continues to create environments which use the latest security technologies and innovations to improve member and staff satisfaction with  aesthetically pleasing environments, efficient layouts for transactions, and a sense of safety.

Drive-up lanes are essential to modern credit unions. People are on the go, and drive-thru tellers are essential for those who need to squeeze in a moment to make a deposit on their lunch hour or on the way home from work.

Drive-up Teller Canopy: The canopy should be a minimum of 10´ clear height. If truck traffic is expected, the drive-up teller canopy should only cover one lane of the drive-up teller area, then trucks may enter the far lane and use a kiosk without damaging the canopy.

First Nebraska Credit Union – Exterior  (Lincoln, NE) – Canopy covers 2 lanes; 3rd lane is for trucks.

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