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Nebraska’s Primary Election was held on May 14th and the unofficial results were mostly expected. All five members of Nebraska’s Congressional Delegation won their party’s nomination while the Democrats nominated State Senator Carol Blood in District 1, State Senator Tony Vargas in District 2, and Daniel Ebers in District 3. U.S. Senator Deb Fischer and U.S. Senator Pete Ricketts won their nomination handily. The most interesting primary race of the night was in the 2nd Congressional District with Dan Frei challenging Congressman Don Bacon. The last time that Frei ran for the seat was as a “Tea Party” candidate when he challenged former Congressman Lee Terry who ultimately lost the General Election to the late Congressman Brad Ashford. Congressman Bacon defeated Frei 62% to 38% and will face a re-match with State Senator Tony Vargas in November.

In addition to the statewide and congressional races, there were twenty-five state legislative races with fifteen races being open seats and ten races with incumbents. Several races of interest included District 1 where the Nebraska Bankers Association chief lobbyist Bob Hallstrom ran for the open seat. He finished in the top two of four candidates and will face Dennis Schaardt who had the most votes in the race. Additionally, in District 11 former State Senator Ernie Chambers is running to return to the Legislature. His narrow victory over incumbent State Senator Terrell McKinney will invigorate McKinney and his re-election campaign. Districts 19 and 35 both have the incumbent Senators trailing their challengers. State Senator Rob Dover was appointed by then Governor Pete Ricketts to fill the seat vacated by Mike Flood who was elected to Congress. State Senator Ray Aguilar is seeking his fourth non-consecutive term in the Legislature and is facing his predecessor former State Senator Dan Quick.

District 1 – State Senator & Banking Committee Chair Julie Slama decided not to run for re-election. Dennis Schaardt 45% / Bob Hallstrom 34%

District 3 – State Senator Carol Blood was term-limited. Felix Ungerman 53% / Victor Rountree 47%

District 5 – State Senator Mike McDonnell was term-limited.  Gilbert Ayala 37% / Margo Juarez 36%

District 7 – State Senator Tony Vargas was term-limited.Dunixi Guereca 32% / Tim Pendrell 24%

District 9 – Incumbent John Cavanaugh 69% / Challenger Julia Palzer 31%

District 11 – Challenger Ernie Chambers 45% / Incumbent Terrell McKinney 44%

District 13 – State Senator Justin Wayne was term-limited.  Nick Batter 38% / Ashlei Spivey 23%

 District 15 – State Senator Lynn Walz was term-limited. Dave Wordekemper 44% / Roxie Kracl 25%

District 17 – State Senator Joni Albrecht was term-limited.  Mike Albrecht 41% / Glen Meyer 32%

District 19 – Challenger Jeanne Reigle 39% / Incumbent Rob Dover 36%

District 21 – Incumbent Beau Ballard 55% / Challenger Seth Derner 30%

District 23 – State Senator Bruce Bostelman was term-limited.  Jared Storm 35% / Dennis Fujan 25%

District 25 – Incumbent Carol Bosn 56% / Challenger Nicki Behmer Popp 41%

District 27 – State Senator Anna Wishart was term-limited.  Jason Prokop 56% / Dawn Liphardt 44% 

District 29 – Incumbent Eliot Bostar ran unopposed.

District 31 – Incumbent Kathleen Kauth 61% / Challenger Mary Ann Folchert 39%

District 33 – State Senator Steve Halloran was term-limited.  Dan Lonowski 40% / Michelle Smith 29%

District 35 – Challenger Dan Quick 51% / Incumbent Ray Aguilar 49%

District 37 – State Senator John Lowe was term-limited.  Stanley Clouse 58% / Lana Preister 33%

District 39 – State Senator LouAnn Linehan was term-limited.  Tony Sorrentino 52% / Allison Heimes 48%

District 41 – Incumbent Fred Meyer decided not to run for re-election.  Daniel McKeon 45% / Ethan Clark 39%

District 43 – State Senator Tom Brewer was term limited.  Tanya Storer 59% / Tony Tangwall 41%