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Let’s Drive the Exceptional Experience Together.

FIS ClearEdge is the game-changing path forward for financial institutions that brings ease, transparency, flexibility, simplicity and trust to core solution partnerships.

Transparent contracts, flexible integration options and access to customer data empower banks to be modern and competitive.



– Straightforward, concise contracts

– Simplified pricing with shorter invoices

– No liquidated damages

– Month-to-month terms – Bundled solutions

– A true partner that makes it easier to do business.



FIS ClearEdge drives an exceptional experience for financial institutions and their consumers by bringing ease, transparency, simplicity, and trust to core solution partnerships.

With simplified contracting, pricing and implementations, ClearEdge helps financial institutions stay at the forefront of staying competitive and serving their communities.



ClearEdge changes the way financial institutions and core solution providers work together, providing programs that are easy, flexible, and transparent. With FIS ClearEdge, you will experience:

– Succinct and Easy to Read Contracts (~15 pages)

– Simplified Pricing

– Flexible Terms (30 days’ notice termination, flat fee for deconversion)

– Fewer Restrictions and Penalties

– Fast Delivery

– Bundled Solution



With FIS ClearEdge, financial institutions have a clear partner in FIS and a clear edge in the market Our Bundled Solution includes:

– Core Banking Services

– Payments

– Digital

– Image Solutions and Item Processing

– Decision Solutions, Regulatory and Other Services



The ClearEdge bundled solution includes a modernized core complete with fully integrated solutions to create seamless experiences not only for your banking professionals but also for the consumers they interact with every day.

Easy Access Our modern core provides your employees with easy access to all consumer, account and transaction information stored within the system. Card management is also fully integrated in the platform, providing card inquiry and maintenance access directly from the consumer portfolio, which eliminates redundant data entry for greater efficiency.

Better Relationships The platform’s customer relationship management (CRM) architecture enables your employees to fully understand the scope of each consumer’s activities within your institution, providing new opportunities to improve relationships and cross sell additional services.

Added Security & Accountability
The core’s transaction architecture brings extra layers of security as it audits every consumer transaction from the point of entry through to the final ledger. And our online, real-time integrated collections application provides tracking and monitoring of delinquent and overdrawn accounts so you can run and grow your institution more effectively.

Business Management While our modern core provides seamless experiences for your employees and consumers, it also offers a comprehensive financial suite to manage the business of banking. This platform includes tools to easily oversee accounts payable, accruals, asset management, business intelligence, report creation and more.



The ClearEdge Payments Suite enables agile, frictionless payments across a unified platform that delivers what your consumers have come to expect: access to their accounts whenever, wherever and on whatever device they choose.

With our Payments Suite, consumers can easily receive and pay bills and transfer funds between their accounts – all online.

Our Payments Suite also offers a single source for comprehensive and customized solutions to manage electronic commerce and transaction processing, such as ATM terminal driving, debit and ATM card transaction processing.



Online & Mobile Banking for Consumers

Our Digital offering includes both the online and the mobile banking solutions that consumers, especially underbanked millennials, desire.

Our online banking solution offers all the traditional banking services consumers expect, including account information, history, transfers, stop payments and user information plus the add-on benefits of online bill pay, statement imaging, check and deposit images, and more. Through our online banking solution, consumers can even create a new deposit account online whether it’s a checking or savings account, a CD or money market account.

At the same time, our mobile banking services connect consumers to their finances anytime, anywhere, from their mobile phones and tablets with an intuitive, innovative and seamless approach.

And ClearEdge supports your digital efforts with web design templates and tailored website design services to meet your internet and intranet needs.


Digital Banking for Businesses

In addition to the online and mobile banking described above, ClearEdge also provides tools unique to the needs of businesses. For example, our Digital Suite offering includes an online platform for your Board members to access board packages, meeting minutes, loan requests and other board-related information. Digital also comes with an eWire interface, delivering fully integrated, automated wire transfer processing with better costs and reduced technology overhead.



ClearEdge Image Solutions and Item Processing features a suite of solutions to easily capture, process, archive and retrieve financial documents. With these tools, tellers can efficiently scan checks and submit them to FIS for processing through one, unified workflow. Similarly, financial institutions can offer their merchant customers the ability to scan check deposits from their place of business, creating a new revenue opportunity for you.



We’re ready to grow with you.

ClearEdge offers all the core banking services, payments, digital, image, processing, decision and regulatory solutions you need to create seamless experiences for your consumers, drive frictionless workflows for your employees, and grow your business. And as your business grows, ClearEdge can grow with you through Code Connect, our one-stop marketplace for all FIS APIs.


For more information on FIS, please contact Dan Collins @ dcollins@nebrcul.org