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  1. 2020 Analytics

Three Impacts of a cooling housing Market

Today, home values remain strong on paper, but they are being scooped up more slowly, indicative of a disconnect between what sellers want to sell their homes for and what buyers are willing and able to pay. In fact, Redfin is reporting widespread reductions in sales price for many metropolitan areas as sellers struggle to find buyers. There is seemingly a shift coming from a seller’s market to a buyer’s market.

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  1. 3SI

Branches of the Future: Better Security for Modern Credit Unions

Credit Unions are evolving. Today’s institutions want to cultivate a more open, seamless, and intimate experience with their members. To support this evolution, and ensure its success, branches must review their security and safety procedures. This white paper provides guidelines for performing this review.

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  1. Agility

Responsive Recovery Lessons Learned from Hurricane Ian and Other 2022 Disasters

From backup power to fuel delivery; temporary workspace to mobile connectivity, business continuity and recovery needs in 2022 were as varied in location as they were in the unique solutions each interruptions required. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how businesses and credit unions across the country resumes operations quickly following disasters and interruptions including Hurricane Ian, regional floods, tornadoes, and extreme temperatures.

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  1. CUVM

The value of outsourcing vendor management

Vendor management has become increasingly complex for credit unions throughout the years. With the ever-growing number of suppliers in the vendor pool, the increased time and regulatory burdens associated with effective vendor management, nationwide labor shortage issues, and inflation, more credit unions are finding value in outsourcing their vendor management responsibility to a third party.

The benefits to third-party vendor management are many, learn more.

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  1. Newtek

Business Owners Look to Loans to Get Through Tough Times

Businesses that have survived the pandemic are now facing inflation at a 40-year high and a potential recession. More small business owners are turning to loans for working capital to cover rising operating costs, purchase equipment and invest in future growth. Now is the time to work with small businesses who need the right financing to survive and thrive during a slow economy.

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  1. Silversky

Best Practices for Planning and Developing an Incident Response Program

A fast response to a detected threat is key to mitigating the damage it can cause to your business. An incident response (IR) plan allows you to map out and practice your organization’s response before you are under the pressure of an active compromise. Ready to jump-start your planning? View this on-demand webinar now.

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  1. Venminder

Increasing Vendor Document Collection Efficiency

It’s important to do due diligence on vendors as part of the process to reduce the risk associated with them. Due diligence includes collecting important documents that contain the information you need, but the document collection process can easily take a lot of time. Learn best practices and tips to improve document collection efficiency.

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