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In these unique times it can be hard to discern what credit unions should be doing today, let alone tomorrow, because everything is changing so quickly. In this three-part series credit unions will learn about various topics that in the past seemed like boring subjects but now are at the top of everyone’s mind:

Session #1: Tuesday, January 31, 2023 (Loan & Deposit Pricing) – How can credit unions price their loans and deposits in a dynamic way that gives them flexibility to change them often while at the same time still be able to understand the risks inherent in each product.
• What happens if credit union prices its loans to low or too high?
• Which products should we focus on attracting on the deposit side?

Session #2: Tuesday, February 7, 2023 (Liquidity Management) – The days of using a single ratio to manage the institutions cash have passed us by. Now credit unions must be able to look at several different data points to understand how the members savings/spending habits have changes and how credit unions can prepare for the challenges.
• What are some sources of data that can help understand cash inflows & outflows?
• How many different items can put into a true liquidity stress test?
• What balance sheet items can quickly change a credit unions cash on hand?

Session #3: Tuesday, February 14, 2023 (Interest Rate Risk) – Remember when credit unions used to talk about applying a rate shock of +300 bp’s? Well credit unions are living that “shock” as we speak. It has been approximately 40 years since the Federal Reserved moved rates like they did in 2022. This has placed a lot of stress on management teams to understand how a decision, or lack of one, can have huge impacts. This session will tie it all together.
• What might be things to consider if credit unions want to portfolio a 6%, 30-year Fixed Rate Mortgage.
• Are there risks to a decreasing rate environment?
• As interest rates go higher what are the items credit unions need to focus on for future success?

All webinars are presented by Tim Gardner, EVP/CFO at CDC FCU and each session is scheduled for 10:00am CST.

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