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CULAC, the PAC of credit unions, is launching its annual “$30 by the 30th” campaign to raise funds for the PAC during an important election year. The campaign will run during the month of June. Funds raised by CULAC during the year, including during this campaign, are used to influence congressional elections to help elect candidates that are supportive of credit unions. “Credit unions enjoy fairly bi-partisan support in Congress and so naturally, the totality of contributions made by CULAC tend to be more bi-partisan than other industry PACs”, said Brandon Luetkenhaus, chief advocacy officer at the Nebraska Credit Union League.  

The $30 by the 30th Campaign asks credit union employees, volunteers, and League staff to contribute $30 during the month of June to CULAC. Luetkenhaus said about the campaign, “a single contribution alone has very little impact but the impact of our combined contributions will be felt now and for years to come.”