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The Servion Group is a credit union service organization (CUSO) that supports several Nebraska credit unions in their mortgage lending efforts. Servion has a retail mortgage channel, which allows credit unions to simply take applications and then turn everything else over to Servion. The CUSO also offers a correspondent channel, which allows the credit union to retain more control over the mortgage process while having Servion’s team complete certain tasks.

In either channel, the role of a mortgage processor is key. Processors handle a wide array of important tasks, such as compiling loan documents, analyzing credit reports, tracking deadlines, and delivering files to underwriting. Efficient, accurate loan processing helps mortgage borrowers have the great experiences they deserve when making one of the biggest financial decisions of their lives.

With purchase and refinance demand at near-record levels for nearly two years now, Servion Mortgage has brought on many new loan processors to help keep things moving for everyone. Hiring in this field has been a challenge though, as there are few incentives for experienced processors to switch jobs when it seems like every mortgage company has plenty of work to do.

Servion’s hiring strategy has been to be open to hiring processors who may have less experience and then providing them with rigorous, in-depth training. To provide this training, they created an exciting new managerial role designed to ensure top-notch on-the-job education and support for processors.

Mortgage Training Manager Role Focuses on Loan Processing Excellence

Amber Breidel became mortgage training manager in May, bringing with her a wealth of experience to help new processors be the best they can be.

Amber has been with Servion Mortgage since 2017 as a contract processor, a role in which she worked with numerous Servion partners on more than 1,500 files. Before joining Servion, she worked at a credit union that did 100 percent of its mortgage business with Servion. As a result, Amber has a full-picture view of what the mortgage process is like for Servion partners and within Servion itself. She began her financial services career as a teller at the age of 16, and over the years held many different roles in the areas of consumer lending, indirect lending, and mortgage.

“Doing mortgages is the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done,” Amber says. “And training is something that comes naturally to me. This role has quickly become my dream job.”

What Does the Training Role Entail?

Amber trains new processors on both our retail and contract processing teams. She sits with new processors and goes through their files with them, double-checking everything before moving the fie along to underwriting and then providing feedback afterward. Then, once the file comes out of underwriting, she works with the new processors on any conditions that come from the underwriters.

Depending on the individual needs of each processor and the complexity of the loans, the intensive part of the training can last anywhere from three to six months. After that, Amber always remains available to help.

The Goal is Consistent Experiences for Partners

Servion Mortgage has seen significant growth over the last couple of years, and is now in the fortunate position of supporting more financial institutions and borrowers than ever. We want to ensure that we’re delivering consistently excellent service to every partner, and we believe having strong training for processors will help accomplish that goal. Additionally, getting clean files from processing helps underwriters move quicker, which can help improve turnaround times.

In mortgage, every step matters, and Servion believes the creation of the mortgage training manager position will make the processing step a little easier to climb.

Want to Learn More About How Servion Helps Nebraska Credit Unions Grow?

The Servion Group is a proven resource for Nebraska credit unions. If you are interested in growing your mortgage program or building one for the first time, contact Matthew Warzala at mwarzala@myservion.com or 612-366-1924.