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Maximize Your Listing on YourMoneyFurther.com
As digital ads direct consumers to yourmoneyfurther.com, contributing credit unions should be ready to receive them with customized listings! Credit Unions can link their service offerings to products and services, like a digital account opening from their JOIN NOW button or adding an APPLY NOW button. Kris Hadley at TTCU Federal Credit Union explains why his team customizes their listing: http://bit.ly/TTCUYMFSelfService. To customize your listing, email our Contributor Success Manager, Emily Patterson today!

NEW: Contributor HQ Update: Site Refresh
We’ve refreshed the site menu on Contributor HQ and provided a short video tour of the new menu items: https://vimeo.com/563810166/567c643486

Visit www.cuna.org/contributorHQ to access contributor benefits.

NEW: OYE Logo Guidelines
Credit Union Awareness now allows contributing credit unions to further harness the strength of the Open Your Eyes® (OYE) brand through specific usage of the OYE logo in credit union campaigns. This helps build awareness and credibility for credit unions overall while maintaining the established brand guidelines. To gain access to this benefit: Reach out to our Contributor Success Manager, Emily Patterson.

Contributor Best Practices
As our effort continues to expand, it is important to highlight how contributors are taking advantage of everything that the Open Your Eyes initiative has to offer. This month, we want to highlight MembersOwn Credit Union in Lincoln, NE with the following topics discussed in their video:

  • Connecting the OYE message to your credit union
  • Using social media templates
  • How to take OYE photos