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While the Presidential race continues to be counted in several key battleground states, we know that the Democrats will retain control of the House of Representatives and it is likely that the Republicans will retain the Senate with several races still too close to call.  No matter the result of the Presidential race we will likely have divided government.  In Nebraska, we are pleased with the results of the election as all three Congressmen and Senator Sasse were re-elected with the strong financial support of our credit union PAC.  Additionally, we were successful in a coordinated effort between CUNA, the League, and eight credit unions to support Congressman Bacon’s re-election.

U.S. Senate Race: Incumbent Senator Ben Sasse easily wins re-election with 68% of the vote for his second 6 year term in the United States Senate.  Senator Sasse was supported by CULAC, the PAC of Credit Unions.

U.S. House Races:

CD 1 – Incumbent Jeff Fortenberry won re-election for another 2 year term but Kate Bolz gave him his most contested race since being elected in 2004.  Congressman Fortenberry was supported by CULAC, the PAC of Credit Unions. 

CD 2 – In a rematch from 2016, Incumbent Don Bacon bests Kara Eastman by just over 5,000 votes.  For the first time ever in Nebraska, CUNA, the League, and eight Omaha area credit unions coordinated an effort to support Congressman Bacon’s re-election by directly communicating with credit union members.  The effort targeted over 70,000 credit union members in the district through direct mail and online advertising.  Credit unions made the difference in this race!  Congressman Bacon was supported by CULAC, the PAC of Credit Unions.   

CD 3 – Incumbent Adrian Smith sailed easily to victory with nearly 80% of the vote.  Congressman Smith serves on the very important tax writing Ways & Means Committee in Congress.  Congressman Smith was supported by CULAC, the PAC of Credit Unions

State Legislature Races: There were 25 races for state legislature with 6 being open seats.  Two incumbents lost their re-election bids.  Three former state senators were elected back into the Legislature (Flood, Pahls, & Aguilar). 

LD 1 Southeast NE– Incumbent Julie Slama defeats Janet Palmtag 68-32

LD 3 Bellevue – Incumbent Carol Blood leads by just 197 votes over Rick Holdcroft (RECOUNT POSSIBLE)

LD 5 Omaha– Incumbent Mike McDonnell defeats Gilbert Ayala 63-37

LD 7 Omaha– Incumbent Tony Vargas defeats Jorge Sotolongo 78-22

LD 9 Omaha– OPEN SEAT – John Cavanaugh defeats Marque Snow 54-46

LD 11 Omaha– OPEN SEAT – Terrell McKinney defeats Fred Conley 64-36

LD 13 Omaha– Incumbent Justin Wayne ran unopposed

LD 15 Dodge County– Incumbent Lynne Walz defeats David Rogers 60-40

LD 17 Northeast NE– Incumbent Joni Albrecht defeats Sheryl Lindau 68-32

LD 19 Norfolk– OPEN SEAT – Mike Flood a former state senator and speaker of the Legislature runs unopposed to return to the body

LD 21 Lincoln– Incumbent Mike Hilgers defeats Brodey Weber 55-45

LD 23 Butler/Saunders Counties– Incumbent Bruce Bostelman defeats Helen Raikes 62-38

LD 25 Lincoln– Incumbent Suzanne Geistt defeats Stephany Pleasant 67-33

LD 27 Lincoln– Incumbent Anna Wishart defeats Brenda Bickford 65-35

LD 29 Lincoln– OPEN SEAT – Elliot Bostar defeats Jacob Campbell 53-47

LD 31 Omaha– OPEN SEAT – Former state senator Rich Pahls defeats Tim Royers to return to the Legislature 53-47

LD 33 Hastings– Incumbent Steve Halloran ran unopposed

LD 35 Grand Island– Incumbent Dan Quick is defeated by former state senator Ray Aguilar 46-54

LD 37 Kearney– Incumbent John Lowe defeats Mercadies Damratowski 76-24

LD 39 Elkhorn– Incumbent Lou Ann Linehan defeats Allison Heimes 56-44

LD 41 Central NE– Incumbent Tom Briese ran unopposed

LD 43 Northwest NE– Incumbent Tom Brewer defeats Tanya Storer 58-42

LD 45 Bellevue– OPEN SEAT – Rita Sanders defeats Susan Hester 54-46

LD 47 Panhandle– Incumbent Steve Erdman ran unopposed

LD 49 Gretna– Incumbent Andrew LaGrone is defeated by Jen Day by 250 votes (RECOUNT POSSIBLE)