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Now more than ever before, reliable, secure, easy-to-use remote banking service is vital to a credit union’s success – and even their survival. That is why Cooperative Solutions Group is so excited to announce our partnership with Access Softek to bring member credit unions a complete ominichannel digital banking platform.

Access Softek provides your members with a seamless experience across all of their solutions, including online and mobile banking, online account opening, and omnichannel lending. Their solutions work perfectly together, allowing members to experience effortless transitions and a stress-free interaction.

Recognizing that security is the top priority of credit unions, Access Softek’s award-winning biometric authentication manager utilizes the built-in biometrics on the member’s device to authenticate across all touch point and identify a member’s identity in less than five seconds. Their Real Time Fraud Control protects accounts by learning each user’s normal digital behavior and reacting when out-of-pattern activity is detected for that user.

Access Softek Solutions

-Omnichannel Account Opening
-Omnichannel Lending
-Morpheus Online Banking
-Biometric Authentication Manager
-Real Time Fraud Control
-Conversational Banking
-EasyVest Robo Advisor




To learn more about how these products can enhance your members’ digital banking experience, contact Dan Collins at dcollins@nebrcul.org.