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To date, Children’s Hospital has recorded hundreds of stories read by Children’s employees and volunteers and they would love to include Credit Unions in their virtual library.  They have put together playlists for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Dr. Seuss, in addition to their regular playlist of classic, fun children’s literature. These stories play on a 24-hour loop on the Child Life Channel #44 on all inpatient room TVs at Children’s.  There is no timeline on the project, at this point, but this might be a good activity to promote to your staff during the pandemic while volunteers are still not allowed in the hospital for carnivals.



Bring joy and comfort to the sick and injured kids treated at Children’s Hospital & Medical Center by reading a bedtime story and submitting the video. Bedtime stories play on a 24-hour loop on Children’s Child Life channel in patient rooms, so children and families can watch them anytime.



— Please choose a book with a message and images that is appropriate for all of our patients and families.

— Tell us who you are and what story you’re reading. If you like, you can explain why you selected this particular story.

— Remember to share the book’s pictures with the audience.

— Be creative! Get into character, include a pet in the video, wear a costume and/or construct a fun background. Please remember to practice social distancing.

— Add an optional ending, such as, “If you like that story, then you might also enjoy: (fill in the blank).”



— Video frame format should be in portrait mode, 16:9 or 16:10
— Resolution: 720-1080p
— .mp4 format only
— Please stabilize your camera or use a tripod.
— Film your storybook reading close up, filling the screen.
— Check your recording volume to be sure it is loud and clear.

When you are ready to submit your video, please send an email to Bedtimestories@ChildrensOmaha.org for instructions on how to send us the file.

Thank you for reading and recording!