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For a third year, Forbes partnered with a market research firm Statista and surveyed nearly 25,000 people in the U.S. about their banking relationships.

Consumers were asked 20 questions about their financial dealings. Credit unions were rated on overall recommendations and satisfaction, as well as five subdimensions (trust, terms and conditions, branch services, digital services, and financial advice). Overall scores ranged from 74.8 to 95.6. Only 3.5% of all credit unions made the list.

Based on the number of responses in each state, up to ten credit unions in a state was awarded a ‘best-in-state’ designation. Overall, 182 credit unions qualified. Three of those were in Nebraska. Forbes Best Credit Unions in Every State 2020 list included:

1 – Liberty First Credit Union

2 – Metro Credit Union

3 – Centris Federal Credit Union

Americans generally gave their banking institutions good reviews on satisfaction scores of 4.2 on average on a scale of one to five. But banks could not touch credit unions; they averaged 4.5. The data reveals that credit unions continue to be a mainstay in American life, where consumers and communities build and manage their wealth. And, never before have their services been more in demand or needed.


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