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Speaker of the Nebraska Legislature, Senator Jim Scheer, sent notification to his colleagues that they would be returning on July 20th to resume and finish the remainder of the sixty-day session.  Speaker Scheer indicated that they will be guided by the Lincoln/Lancaster County Health Department on the planned date to reconvene and would change the date if health officials determined it necessary to do so.

During the three-week period that the Legislature will meet, the body is expected to consider the highest priorities which the Nebraska Credit Union League has said will include LB 909, a bill to provide parity for state-chartered credit unions and banks with their federal counterparts.  The bill also contains a League supported provision that would allow credit unions to delay certain member transactions to prevent elder financial abuse.  “LB 909 was at the last stage of final reading when the Legislature recessed due to the COVID health directives and so we anticipate that this bill will be one of the first to be taken up when the Legislature reconvenes in late July” said Brandon Luetkenhaus, Chief Advocacy Officer of the League.

Speaker Scheer also asked Senators to consider the “economic impact to the state for everything we do legislatively” and specifically to look at their own priority bills to determine whether any fiscal cost of those bills can be mitigated or eliminated.