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As credit union begin to adapt to a new reality to meet members’ needs – the League is here to help. We recognize that credit unions are having to remain nimble, find workarounds, and respond quickly as the situation develops.

Here are some free or deeply discounted offers to help credit union members and their employees navigate some of the perils associated with the COVID-19 crisis.


GreenPath – Emergency Financial Counseling for Credit Unions.

Credit union members are experiencing financial stress and anxiety as a result of the COID-19 situation. GreenPath Financial Wellness is offering their assistance to help credit union members and employees during the pandemic. Credit union employees, members and their families can take advantage of free financial counseling and low-cost debt management services to assist them through this economically challenging time. The number for members and employees to access GreenPath counseling services as ell as several other resources is available at https://www.greenpath.com/coronavirus/.


Vero – Cyber Criminal Protection for Your Members

Cyber criminals have already stepped their bad actor efforts to take advantage of the current COVID-19 crisis. To ensure that your members money is protected during the crisis and beyond Vero is offering deeply discounted fully managed ID Theft Recovery for credit union members and their families for any form of ID theft or fraud, regardless of how the attack occurs, financial or non-financial, COVID-19 related or not. To learn more about the benefits of Vero contact Jim McCabe at jmccabe@veroproducts.com.


For additional information on these or any other products the League offers please feel free to contact Dan Collins at dcollions@nebrcul.org.