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Reward your Account Holders for their Entire Relationship with your Institution.  Unlike other loyalty solutions that recognize account holders based on purchasing activity in a specific account area, the Relationship Rewards solution rewards account holders for the total value of their relationship with you.

By providing a compelling easy-to-use experience, you can continually reinforce the value of your relationship offerings while helping customers easily understand what they need to do to earn more benefits with your institution.

The more products, activity, and higher balances the account holder has with a financial institution, the more benefits he/she will earn as a result. Essentially the deeper the relationship, the richer the benefits.

Benefits of this Program

-Provides the ability to automate and integrate rewards across all accounts spanning your entire product suite

-Leverages custom data analytics and revenue growth plans

-Creates personalized promotions that target specific customer and product segments

-Offers product and service benefits that are differentiated and values the overall relationship


Data that Rewards
The FIS extendable rules engine provides the power to create or modify real-time as the market demands and strategy refines. The process flow to integrate into the core banking system is seamless and provides the ability to adjust strategy quickly and provide differentiation across geography, products and customer segments.

Relationship Rewards uses data from all parts of the financial institution. Some traditional data such as customer and account demographic profiles and some non-traditional such as:

-Geographic locations of account holders and the branch locations

-Deposits or payments made, loan balances and account terms

-Cross-product activity and relationship levels

This approach is sparking a new outlook on how to understand the value your members bring to you, grow existing relationships, and attract new. Member relationships are automatically evaluated on an ongoing basis to determine the value and appropriate level of benefits such as:

-Fee Waivers
-Higher Interest on deposit accounts
-Financial credit
-Lower interest rates on loans
-Interest Bonuses
-Cash Back

FIS’ solution breadth, market reach, client relationships and industry expertise creates an opportunity to provide solutions that transform the market. FIS Loyalty Solutions has 25-years of expertise operating card marketing and loyalty rewards programs. FIS has over 3,100 loyalty specific clients and more than 6,800 individual programs — working day in and day out to continue to empower the financial world.   For more information on Relationship Rewards, please contact Dan Collins @ dcollins@nebrcul.org