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While some folks are putting 2019 to bed and quietly riding out the remains of the year, Millennium Corporate and AIM – our Asset & Investment Management Service – are work, work, working away. And what are we working on, you wonder?

SimpliCD ONline – a new e-based investment tool you’re sure to find valuable because it’s awesome, plain and simple!

SimpliCD ONline brings the simplicity of SimpliCD to your desktop. (Read that again.) This new platform allows credit union investors to access the online CD portal anytime and anywhere to execute trades and purchase CDs. Sure, we’re still here to assist with the process but if you want to jump online and take matters into your own hands, as some do, you now can!

With SimpliCD ONline, credit union staff can see all rates available to their credit union, execute trades, view statements, both daily AND monthly and view trade confirmations. SimpliCD ONline provides access to a nationwide pool of issuers of which many offer exclusive, competitive rates only through SimpliCD. And, if the funds are held here, with Millennium Corporate, there are no fees with SimpliCD investments and our new platform, SimpliCD ONline.

We held a webinar on Wednesday, December 18th to introduce SimpliCD ONline. Don’t fret if you missed the presentation, we recorded it and it’s available to all! If you’ve got a My Millennium login, skip over there and visit the Webinar Library on the Reports page. If you’re not a member or new to the whole My Millennium thing, contact Brittney Weis, one of our Marketing Team members – 800.721.2677 ext. 110 | brittney@millenniumcorporate.org – she’ll show you the way to SimpliCD ONline.

simplicd login image simplicd screen shot