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Thanks to the generous support of 20 credit unions so far…the Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union campaign is set to launch in Nebraska in September.

Currently the campaign includes more than 525 organizations that have pledged more than $37 million. Live in four states (Minnesota, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Michigan), the campaign has gained nearly 76 million impressions, reached more than 5.1 million consumers through digital advertising, 4 million through social media, and 1.3 million on YouTube.

Open Your Eyes videos have been watched from start-to-finish 8 million times, which means the campaigns target audience of consumers have paused their social media browsing 8 million times to full watch an Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union video.

In addition, 75.3% of visits to the campaign’s website YourMoneyFurther.com have been on a mobile device and more than 60% of traffic has come from Facebook. More than half of the site’s visitors are female, and most visitors are between the ages of 25 and 44.

According to CUNA’s Chief Credit Union Awareness Officer Chris Lorence “What this data is telling us is that we’re reaching our intended audience. The people we are most hoping to get in front of, young adults between 25 and 34 years old and those between the ages of 35 and 54 who are in the market for financial services, are the people that are seeing our messaging and connecting with our content.”

“We need to fill in the entire map, and we need to do it together. Our collective power and our stellar reputation in the marketplace are some of our greatest assets,” Lorence says. “This campaign is the perfect way to amplify and elevate the amazing work credit unions are known for.”

“We are extremely excited that Nebraska is going to be an early adopter of the Open Your Eyes initiative. This, however, isn’t something one credit union can do—it must be a collaborative effort,” League President/CEO, Scott Sullivan says. “We can’t change consumers’ mindset unless we unite.”

A special thank you to the twenty credit unions that have already signed on…we look forward too many more Nebraska credit unions joining the cause over the next couple of months.  A webinar is scheduled for August 13th to discuss more on the campaign.  Look for the log in information coming soon.

A special thank you to the Open Your Eyes early adopters:

Centris FCU
Nebraska Energy FCU
Siouxland FCU
LincOne FCU
First Nebraska CU
Four Points FCU
University of Nebraska FCU
MembersOwn CU
Mutual First Federal
Columbus United FCU
Archer Cooperative CU
Creighton FCU
North Platte Union Pacific Employees CU
Omaha Douglas FCU
Family Focus FCU
Hastings FCU
Neighborhood Community FCU
Gallup FCU
Sugar Valley FCU