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SecurLOCK Detect is a fraud forecast tool that utilizes machine learning to assign probability of future fraud before compromise events are officially reported by networks. Detect is a secure Web browser-based tool that is agnostic to the processing platform.

Fraud Detection Driven by Machine Learning

Identify and mitigate potential fraud, including your institution’s liability and losses, by leveraging the power of machine learning to assign probability of future fraud so you can block/reissue cards before fraudsters strike. Reduces fraud costs by twenty percent or more accurate fraud forecasting driven by machine learning and your own fraud risk tolerance.

-Faster notifications and alerts

-Near real-time updates and identity

-Predictive Analytics

-Predict cards likely to go fraudulent in the next ninety days so you can automatically block/ reissue cards with minimal member impact.

Issuer Solutions from FIS
FIS offers cost-efficient, multi-channel payments processing for Issuers.  They process more than $9 trillion in payments worldwide annually, as well as supply the underlying technology to process payments via many popular channels, from ACH to debit cards to prepaid cards. Leverage FIS scale and expertise to optimize your payments processing and reduce your costs to a minimum, while benefiting from the very best fraud prevention and support technologies. No matter your needs, they can customize their capabilities to ensure your payments processing is as efficient as possible.

For more information, contact Dan Collins, Chief Solutions Officer.