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CUMONEY Visa TravelMoney Card

The solution to your Members’ Travel Needs

The CUMONEY® Visa TravelMoney® Card is the ideal prepaid debit card for members to use when they’re enjoying a weekend getaway, visiting family across the country or traveling around the world.

For a travel-oriented card that truly differentiates your credit union to your members, make LSC® your single destination.

With the Visa TravelMoney Program, your credit union will be able to earn additional revenue by charging a retail fee for issuing the card.

TravelMoney card benefits
-Combines the safety of travelers checks with the convenience of a plastic card
-Can be used anywhere in the world Visa® is accepted: in-store, online and by phone
-Added security with EMV Chip Cards
-Can be used at ATMs to withdraw cash and at merchants that accept pinned based POS transactions
-Cards are instantly issued at the credit union
-Standard card design with CUMONEY logo or branded with your credit Union logo
-Your members can receive transaction information, change PINs, check balances and fund the card via or the Free CUMONEY® mobile app
-Can be funded with any credit or debit card but is NOT tied to accounts
-Can be funded for amount from $100 to $5000
-Card carries a 36 month expiration date
-Generates new revenue stream and competes in the payment arena

How the TravelMoney card works
-Your Members purchase and fund a Visa TravelMoney card at your credit union with cash.
-Immediately after the card has been sold, your member calls the toll free number or visits to activate their card and change their PIN.
-The cardholder can reload their cards from the convenience of their home via a secured internet site just for their Visa TravelMoney card,, calling toll-free Card Member Services, or via the Free CUMONEY® mobile app
-Cardholders can make purchases at merchants and get US currency or foreign local currency at ATMs worldwide.
-Cardholders receive Travel Benefits at no cost to you or your members. The Travel Benefits are 90-day Purchase Protection, Travel & Emergency assistance and Lost Luggage reimbursement.

How do I offer?
-Easy program development
-No additional software
-Only an internet connection
-Minimal accounting requirements
-LSC provides all back office support and customer service
-Our system is secure, each credit union’s authorized staff person has a unique logon and password – same as the gift card program
-Credit Union to market the program
-Free Marketing Materials that help showcase the Visa TravelMoney program are available.

Contact Dan Collins @  to see how your credit union can start offering the TravelMoney card.

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