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The Mother’s Day Trifecta: Silence, Freedom, and Choice.

In just a few short weeks we will honor Mother’s Day by spoiling the incredible women in our lives for the day.  The struggle is real to find mom the perfect gift; what do you give a woman who already has everything?  She certainly doesn’t need another pair of earrings.  Ease the gift planning stress for your credit union members with three simple gift solutions: silence, freedom, and choice.

When mom wakes on May 12, give her the incredible gift of silence.  Every morning mom wakes up with a hustle in her step.  She starts the day with a sense of urgency to accomplish a mile long to-do list.  Turn off the alarm clock and let mom sleep in on Mother’s Day.

Next in our trifecta of perfect Mother’s day gifts is the gift of freedom.  Clear the calendar and let the over-scheduled grind wait until Monday.  Take her to-do list off her hands.  An actual day off from hustling out the door, chores, cooking, cleaning, and carpools should become a Mother’s Day staple.  Pitch in around the house and let her unwind for the day.

Finally, while simple pleasures are perfect and wonderful, don’t forget to actually get her a gift.  This year, avoid mom’s forced smile as she opens yet another pair of slipper socks, and give her the gift of choice.  Either buy or make her a loving card that expresses your adoration and acknowledges you see her immense effort to make your life amazing.

In the card, enclose a prepaid gift card so that no matter what mom wants to do or buy she has the choice!  Whether mom wants to hide at the spa, stock up on her perennials, or grab a bite at her favorite cafe it’s all just a swipe of the prepaid gift card away.

Setting mom’s day up to be relaxing and easy-going has never been easier.  Moms really don’t want much on Mother’s Day – just a few simple kindnesses will suffice.  We recommend suggesting prepaid gift cards to your credit union members to make gift giving a cinch.

Looking to implement a Prepaid Card Program at your credit union?  LSC offers several benefits for your CU including instant issue with over 60 contemporary designs featuring your credit union branding and bulk card shipment direct to SEGs.  Contact LSC today by calling (800) 304-2273.

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