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TransFund – Maximizing Debit Card Profitability for Credit Unions

The EFT processing landscape has changed dramatically over the past 18 months, causing significant impacts on Nebraska credit unions.  {Read The Full Article}

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Phishing scams are targeting credit union human resources or payroll departments using a form of the C-suite business email compromise. {Read The Full Article}

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NCUL Strategic Partners and Most Valuable Partners

We encourage you to visit our NCUL website at to review in detail both our Most Valuable Partners and Strategic Partners.   {Read The Full Article}

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Litigators Continue to Target Overdraft Fees

Legal scrutiny against financial institutions relating to overdraft practices and disclosures is on the rise, according to CUNA Mutual Group. {Read The Full Article}

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Credit Union Gets Expansion Approval

The Nebraska Department of Banking and Finance (NDB&F) approved eight (8) Nebraska counties be added to the geographical area that MembersOwn Credit Union can serve.  {Read The Full Article}

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Grant Cycle Open to Help CUs Measure Impact of Financial Health Initiatives

Madison, Wis. – The National Credit Union Foundation (the Foundation) 2019 grant cycle is open. The Foundation is seeking requests for proposals from credit unions that want to document and measure the impacts of their products and services on member and employee financial health. The deadline for proposal submission is June 30, 2019.

In 2017, the Foundation funded six credit unions to measure the financial health of their members, using the Center for Financial Services Innovation (CFSI’s) financial health segmentation methodology. The aggregate data showed that more than half (58%) of members in the total credit union sample are struggling financially, highlighting a significant opportunity for credit unions to help their members better spend, save, borrow, and plan.

To build on this work, the Foundation will evaluate and fund proposals by credit unions to consider their suite of products and services across the four components of financial health and document the improvement in member and/or employee financial health. The intent of this RFP is to support credit union initiatives to measure and document these efforts specifically in the Spend, Save, Borrow, and Plan categories created by CFSI.

“The Foundation’s vision is making financial freedom achievable through credit unions,” said Gigi Hyland, Executive Director at the Foundation. “That can only happen when credit unions place consumer financial health at the center of their strategy. This grant funding is focused on advancing credit unions’ efforts and innovations to understand and improve member and employee financial health. We know that when we improve someone’s financial health, it can improve physical and emotional health as well. This critical work not only benefits the member and your bottom line, but also reinforces and showcases the central mission of credit unions.”


Click here to download the RFP

 The Foundation will review all applications for each credit union’s financial capacity and commitment to improving members’ financial health that directly support the stated objectives defined in the above RFP. Total funding of $75,000 is available with a minimum grant request of $10,000.


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The Digital Imperative

The digital evolution continues to advance at a sometimes dizzying pace. New fintechs seem to appear on an almost daily basis. {Read The Full Article}

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CFPB Starts Regulatory Review Process

The CFPB has released two items that are of interest to credit unions.  First, the CFPB announced a review of all the regulations under their purview to determine their impact on small businesses.   {Read The Full Article}

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CU’s Tee It Up for CU Defense Fund

The Nebraska Credit Union League hosted its Capitol Club Classic golf outing on May 9th at Woodland Hills Golf Course in Eagle, Nebraska.  {Read The Full Article}

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Discovery Conference 2019: Know More. Grow More.

2019 marks the ten-year anniversary of Discovery Conference!

At this year’s conference, your league staff and member credit unions will walk away with ideas and key insights, deepening their industry knowledge and fueling their strategic planning.

Discovery Conference 2019 is the perfect event for you to network in an innovative virtual environment and gain a better understanding of the opportunities and challenges facing credit unions.

Watch for registration information in early June and plan to join us on August 15 for a day of Discovery.


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Disaster Relief Funds Distributed To Credit Union Families Harmed By The Floods

The League has and continues to work with credit unions to identify those individuals that have been impacted by the historic floods. {Read The Full Article}

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