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Prior to election day, national pundits were anticipating a “red wave” in the House and a good chance that Republicans could take control of the Senate. Although the Republicans are positioned to take control in the House, they will not do so with a red wave. The Senate will remain in Democrat control with Democrats holding fifty (50) seats and Republicans holding forty-nine (49). The Georgia runoff will determine if the Senate remains 50/50, with Vice President Harris holding the tie-breaker vote, as it has been over the last two years or if Democrats will get to fifty-one. The House sits at 217 seats in Republican hands and 205 in Democrat hands with 13 races not yet called. It takes 218 seats for either party to gain the majority in the House. In Nebraska, all three incumbent Congressman won re-election. CULAC came in big in Nebraska’s 2nd Congressional District supporting Congressman Don Bacon with $450 thousand in positive television ads, online ads, and direct mail to voters. Don Bacon defeated Tony Vargas by 3%.

Congress 1 – Mike Flood (R)*

Congress 2 – Don Bacon (R)*

Congress 3 – Adrian Smith (R)*

In Nebraska, all Constitutional Offices were up for election as well as twenty-five state legislative races. Republicans ran the table on Constitutional Offices with Jim Pillen being elected as the State’s next Governor. Current Lt. Governor Mike Foley won his race to return as Auditor of Public Accounts. Speaker Mike Hilgers was elected as Attorney General and incumbents’ Treasurer John Murante and Secretary of State Bob Evnen won re-election.

Governor – Jim Pillen (R)

Attorney General – Mike Hilgers (R)

Secretary of State – Bob Evnen (R)

Treasurer – John Murante (R)

Auditor – Mike Foley (R)

In the State Legislature, there were 13 open seats this election cycle. All incumbents, as well as recently appointed Senators Kauth and Jacobson, won their races. Two newly elected Senators, Merve Riepe and Danielle Conrad, return to the Unicameral after previously serving (Riepe and Conrad). The race in Omaha’s District 20 between Stu Dornan and John Fredrickson has changed leads with John Fredrickson leading by just 69 votes after the early ballots were counted. The only ballots remaining to be counted in the race are provisional ballots. The non-partisan Legislature has become more divided and although it is officially non-partisan, political parties have played a major role and that will likely continue. Republicans will have a strong majority in the Legislature but if John Fredrickson holds his lead, Republicans will fall short of a “filibuster” proof majority.

Legislature (i denotes incumbent)

LD 2 – Rob Clements (i)

LD 4 – Brad von Gillern

LD 6 – Michaela Cavanaugh (i)

LD 8 – Megan Hunt (i)

LD 10 – Wendy DeBoer (i)

LD 12 – Merve Riepe

LD 14 – John Arch (i)

LD 16 – Ben Hansen (i)

LD 18 – Christy Armendariz

LD 20 – John Fredrickson

LD 22 – Mike Moser (i)

LD 24 – Jana Hughes

LD 26 – George Dungan

LD 28 – Jane Raybould

LD 30 – Myron Dorn (i)

LD 31 – Kathleen Kauth (i)

LD 32 – Tom Brandt (i)

LD 34 – Loren Lippencott

LD 36 – Rick Holdcroft

LD 38 – Dave Murman (i)

LD 40 – Barry Dekay

LD 42 – Mike Jacobson (i)

LD 44 – Teresa Ibach

LD 46 – Danielle Conrad

LD 48 – Brian Hardin

Nebraska voters supported several ballot initiatives including an increase in the state minimum wage and requiring voter identification for elections.