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The most valuable asset of any organization is its people, and the League is certainly no different.

The presentation of the service awards is all about acknowledging the loyalty, commitment, and dedication these individuals have offered over the years. Such loyalty and dedication is something very special in this day and age.

In an age when job hopping is fashionable, the continual search for better opportunities and new experiences means that employees seldom stay longer than a few years.

A survey conducted by The Future Workplace found the average person born between 1977 and 1997 could expect to have 15-20 jobs over the course of their working lives.

The League’s service award recipients represent a very rare breed.


Marilou Lonergan – 10 Years  

Marilou Lonergan celebrated her 11-year anniversary on April 26th. Marilou joined the League in 2010, but her formal recognition was delayed a year because of the pandemic.

Marilou serves as the League’s accounting & HR Specialist. Marilou is extremely detailed oriented and meticulous in her work.

Marilou is one of those employees who does whatever, whenever asks.

She makes everyone’s job a lot easier and for that the League salutes her dedication and years of service.



 Amy Shaw – 20 Years

Amy Shaw celebrated 20-years at the League on June 4th.  Amy came to the League in 2001 via the Omaha Public Schools where she served as a teacher at North High School. Her initial responsibility was Education Director. Today Amy serves a Chief Initiatives Officer.

As the League dealt with evolving challenges of COVID-19 and the potential impact it might have on member credit unions, Amy was instrumental in ensuring important and timely information was available and shared with credit unions during this turbulent time.

Amy continues to be a key asset to the organization.  She is a hard-working dedicated employee, making sure the job gets done in an efficient, effective, and professional manner.  Amy performs various tasks as needed to ensure that organizational goals and priorities are accomplished in accordance with the strategic direction established by the Board of Directors.

In addition to her ordinary duties, Amy is involved in several financial literacy organizations where she serves in various leadership capacities.  This extracurricular activity helps to increase community awareness of credit unions in financial education/literacy efforts.

Amy has also been a key player in raising the bar on the Leagues fundraising efforts, especially in terms of raising precious dollars for Credit Union-4-Kids and the Credit Union Fund of Nebraska.

One of Amy’s biggest strengths is her “can do” attitude.  She welcomes a challenge and is not afraid to take on new initiatives. 

Her unbridled spirit is very much appreciated and thank her for her service.

Danny T Collins – 30 years 

Dan joined the team in 1990 and celebrated his 31st anniversary on April 23rd. Dan’s 30-year service award celebration was also a victim of COVID.

He began his League career as a consultant and consistently moved up the ranks and currently servs as Chief Solutions Officer. Prior to joining the League Dan served as assistant manager at Siouxland Federal Credit Union and later as manager of a credit union in northwest Iowa. Prior to his credit union days, Dan worked for a finance company in the capacity of assistant manager.

Dan continues to be a very valued team member. He is a very dedicated and conscientious employee. His work ethic is second to none. Dan always gives 110% and does whatever it takes to get the job done.

During his time at the League, Dan’s has provided critical operational support to smaller credit unions, especially as they navigated the challenges associated with running a smaller institution during the pandemic.

Dan has a very good relationship with member credit unions serving as the first point of contact for many credit unions searching for answers to a myriad of issues.  He continues to work diligently in the pursuit of excellence in terms of member service and his institutional knowledge is irreplaceable.    

With Dan every day is a new adventure…And salute his 31 years of enthusiastic and devoted service.