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Zogo Finance a Gamified financial education app for young adults.

While there are numerous financial education apps in the marketplace ZOGO is perfect for credit unions because it is designed specifically for Gen Z. Zogo is led and run by all Gen Z staff (so they fully understand the motivations of “Zoomers”, and how credit unions can effectively engage and serve them).

Who is Zogo Finance?
Zogo helps credit unions educate, engage, and attract young people. Backed by behavioral science research at Duke University, its gamified financial literacy app teaches sound financial fundamentals and rewards users for learning. Their mission is to make personal finance fun, simple, and social. Founded by Gen Zers, Zogo understands what it takes to reach the younger generation.


How a strategic alliance with Zogo Finance benefits credit unions
Help your members and community learn sound financial practices with a gamified app that has more than 300 educational modules, some of which teach about the credit union difference. Credit unions co-brand the app with their logo and customized lessons as well as collect actionable data on the interests of the younger generation.


Why choose Zogo Finance
Users of the platform report stronger loyalty to your credit union, interest in opening an account (if non-members), and increased financial literacy. Zogo rewards your members for learning about finances while connecting you to your next generation of members. Offer Zogo to your members and community for a well-rounded educational experience that is a big value-add for your current (and future) members, young and old.


Connect with Zogo Finance
Talk to one of CUNA Strategic Services alliance managers to learn more about Zogo Finance. They will help you identify and evaluate the best solution for your credit union.

Zogo Finance has exclusive pricing and solutions reserved for CUNA Strategic Services and the League’s Cooperative Solutions Group.

Contact Dan Collins, dcollins@nebrcul.org,  for more information on Zogo. 

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