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Credit Union Leaders Support PAC

A key component to having a strong presence on Capitol Hill is having a Political Action Committee (PAC) that is well funded and therefore can provide financial support to those candidates running for Congress that support the credit union industry.  In Nebraska, hundreds of credit union leaders have opened up their wallets to support our credit union PAC, the Nebraska Credit Union League Political Action Committee (NCULPAC), by joining the 2013 Capitol Club.

Yes, the year is coming to a close but it is not too late to join your friends and colleagues as a member of the Capitol Club in 2013!  Whether you contribute with a lump sum check or you utilize your credit union’s payroll deduction program, your contribution will make a difference.  If you are a credit union employee, ask if your credit union offers the payroll deduction program.  This program will allow you to designate an amount out of each paycheck that will go directly to the credit union PAC and enroll you as a Capitol Club Member.  Contributing through payroll deduction is convenient and easy!  For just the price of a latte’ every two weeks, you can have a huge impact!

If you are not a 2013 Capitol Club Member, please consider joining TODAY!  Thank you to our 2013 Capitol Club Members for your support of our credit union PAC!!!

PDF of the Capitol Club Roster

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