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How can a credit union prevent check fraud without alienating its customers in the process?

According the 2013 AFP Payments and Fraud Control Survey, checks remain the payment type most vulnerable to fraud. The threat of check fraud is something that all credit unions must be prepared to fight – regardless of their size or operating footprint.

TrueChecks™ identifies counterfeit, NSF, duplicates, and closed accounts at the teller line. In real time, via the web or as part of an existing teller system, TrueChecks™ provides credit unions with a cross-institutional, account level view of the transaction.

Our service is virtually transparent to the customer and allows tellers to make fully informed decisions regarding check acceptance. TrueChecks guides the teller through the transaction by displaying the type of fraud or risk associated with the item, as well as providing recommendations regarding the appropriate Reg CC hold.

Regardless of the size of your credit union, TrueChecks™, Advanced Fraud Solutions industry leading check fraud prevention service, provides access to databases that contain over 95% of the nation’s account status information, or approximately 427 million account records.

TrueChecks™ provides peace of mind from knowing that your tellers have access to latest fraud related intelligence provided by financial institutions across the country.

No matter how large or small your credit union is, you can have access to the best tools available to protect your customers’ accounts, and minimize your credit union’s exposure to check fraud.

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