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How media spikes hits; an inside look


Since the whole purpose of is to get consumers to learn more about credit unions – and find a credit union to join – earned media continues to be the top method for driving consumer eyes to the website.

Case in point: The highest number of daily visits – 2,793 – in the fourth quarter came on November 21, when the Holiday Spending survey was presented at The National Press Club by CUNA and the Consumer Federation of America. was mentioned and included in the press release handout to the media in attendance.

No doubt: Media exposure is one of the most effective ways for consumers to hear about In fact, traffic typically spikes whenever the website is mentioned, in newspapers, on radio – or on TV. The more often is seen in the media, at the top of search engines, and via social media, the easier it is for people to find a credit union to join.

During the fourth quarter of 2012, just over 84,000 visits were made to the site, resulting in over 49,500 successful searches conducted for a credit union.

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