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Congratulation’s to the following Save to Win credit union members who have saved and won in January!

30 Lucky Credit Union Members
(Following individuals each won a $50 cash prize)

Jennifer Barnason, Liberty First CU
Shirley Bartels, MembersOwn CU
Brad Bletscher, MembersOwn CU
Carl Ciciulla, Omaha Police FCU
Linda Coffin, SAC FCU
George Day, KEE FCU
Shirley Demetri, Omaha Police FCU
Howard Dondlinger, KEE FCU
Cory Ebbers, MembersOwn CU
Kathleen Ebbers, MembersOwn CU
Sonya Friesel, MembersOwn CU
Caleb Havekost, MembersOwn CU
Tim Hill, KEE FCU
Dustin Johnson, Omaha Police FCU
James Kasun, Omaha Police FCU
Joy Kasun, Omaha Police FCU
Jason Koetters, Kearney FCU
Julie Lamski, Gallup FCU
Jerilyn Luft, Liberty First CU
Michelle Marcuzzo, Omaha Police FCU
Carla Martin, Kearney FCU
Margaret Michener, Kearney FCU
Masa Niiya, Family Focus FCU
Michelle Okamoto, KEE FCU
Lisa Plummer, Kearney FCU
Lucille Schliep, MembersOwn CU
Warren Swanson, Omaha Police FCU
Ronald Tolle, KEE FCU
Brandi Vasicek, KEE FCU
Ralph Weichel, KEE FCU

Open a Save to Win account at your participating credit union today and get entered for February’s cash prizes!

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