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Verisite Automated Valuation Model

Verisite Automated Valuation Model (AVM) Products, by Appraisal Firewall.  Credit unions receive Verified Property Inspections for Faster Lending Decisions on those loans that do not need a full property appraisal.  Lenders are able to efficiently get verified property inspection reports and collateral valuation reports using either an iPhone or an Android smart phone.  The credit union places a Photo Inspection order on the Appraisal Firewall website, who then sends your member a message to install an app on their phone.

The software geocodes, that it is the correct subject property.  The credit union tells the member which pictures and descriptions they want, such as interior and exterior site photos.  Other data, property descriptions, and maps are also available.  Upon their approval of the photos, the credit unions receive an instant, current, and comprehensive inspection of the property.

Verisite is presented by Lee Volmer, Vice President of Credit Information Services, the credit bureau in Council Bluffs, IA.  For more information, contact Lee @

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