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LSC Shared Resources Update

LSC is wrapping up 2018 by assembling an archive of this past year’s Shared Resources. We invite you to review this collection of helpful tips and best practices to enhance your competitive edge. 

November 2018 – Best Practices for Preventing and Managing Card Fraud  Fraudsters and cyber criminals look for weak points in systems to gain access to information and data. It is a lucrative business. ATM skimming is seeing a resurgence and card-not-present fraud has increased since EMV has been implemented. Fraud schemes are constantly shifting…

October 2018 – Prepaid Products We have made an update to the CUMONEY® Visa TravelMoney® document shared in the previous email. For your convenience, links are included for both the updated Visa TravelMoney and CUMONEY® Visa® Gift Cards documents.

September 2018 – Gift Card Article and Infographic  6 reasons why it’s important for credit unions to offer a gift card to their members.

August 2018 – Risk-Free Options for CUs More and more credit unions are getting into the credit card arena. Jumping into a new program can be scary, or at least overwhelming, with all the requirements of getting it set-up, initial fees, etc. However it’s becoming a resource many members want; some even demand when choosing a new financial resource to manage their money. After all credit cards are no longer the scary gamble…

July 2018 – Back to School Budgeting Tips  It may feel like summer has just begun, but soon enough parents everywhere will rejoice as the weather begins to cool and their kids return to school. The back-to-school season is an unusually emotional time of year. As adults, we are filled with nostalgia of the days when we ourselves looked forward to…

June 2018 – Summer Travel Safety: 5 tips to offer your members It’s finally here. That magical time of year when the days are hot, the coffee is iced, and the nights are spent dreaming of upcoming vacations and travel adventures far, far away.We’re not here to rain on anyone’s summertime daydream; however, your credit union spends a huge amount of time and energy working to keep your members’ data safe and secure, and their summer travel plans can sometimes compromise…

May 2018 – 6 important steps to consider when structuring a credit card rewards program A great credit card program is essential for a credit union to thrive in the ever-growing financial services industry, yet only 60% of credit unions currently offer a credit card to their members.

April 2018 – Four Tips to Grow Your Membership In today’s ever-changing financial industry, credit unions continue to thrive in spite of fierce competition from huge banking institutions and ongoing regulatory challenges. This success is often attributed to credit unions’ cooperative foundation and commitment to serving their members and communities in ways that big banks simply do not…

March 2018 – How 25-year LSC Partnership Won Earthmover Credit Union Several Marketing Awards We are excited to share a video resource featuring Libby Calderone, CEO of Earthmover Credit Union, as she shares about the trusted relationship that has existed between her credit union and LSC for over 25 years. Learn how LSC’s comprehensive, customized service has consistently met her credit union’s needs and supported her team’s award-winning marketing efforts.


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