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Wanna Millennium Corporate SCOOP?

To stay abreast of all things Millennium Corporate, sign up to receive The Corporate Scoop – Millennium Corporate’s bi-monthly e-newsletter. Here’s a wee little snippet of what was in the October Issue…

The Simplicity of SimpliCD Issuance

SimpliCD Issuance helps credit unions procure deposits when liquidity is tight. And for many, it is. We (virtually) sat down with one of our SimpliCD Issuance users to chat about the program and here’s what he had to say (abbreviated, of course) –

After considering other funding methods, i.e. borrowing from Millennium Corporate or the FHLB, I decided to test the “Simpli” part of “SimpliCD” Issuance. It completely lived up to its name. We completed a 1-page agreement and immediately began crafting the issuance with assistance from SimpliCD’s expert help. We calculated the amount the credit union needed, determined the term and rate of the offering and SimpliCD shared it across their network of investors. Within a few short days, we received our funds. Re-issuing is just as simple. Should any credit union find themselves needing to raise deposits, simply and quickly, it would be wise to give SimpliCD Issuance a go.

CUBG Launches Fast Track Loan Program

If you’re looking for fast, efficient, low cost processing of small loans you should Fast Track it with CUBG and Millennium Corporate!

CUBG created the Fast Track Loan Program to provide quick and cost-effective solutions for small, non-real estate secured loans AND it’s developed for credit unions of all sizes AND for CUBG members and non-members, alike!

The program includes hours upon hours (2-3) of initial program set up to establish policies, underwriting parameters, pricing and overall process flow. As well as many other fabulous items – loan policy template, loan application, loan documentation package, and everything else you need.

Learn all about this program (remember, this is just a wee little snippet) and SimpliCD Issuance and MORE MORE MORE on the Millennium website – Visit the Communications/Newsletter page to see the October Scoop and previous 2018 issues.

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