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First Data PayPoint Payment Gateway

First Data would like to present their PayPoint® Payment processing service, that allows your members to process payment requests through one single point of interaction.  Their gateway solution provides your members with many flexible ways to pay and manages payment processing across various channels. PayPoint consolidates and helps simplify payment processing, transaction tracking, reporting, and exception processing.

Members often pay their bills using many different payment methods, including credit & debit cards (VISA, MasterCard, Am Express & Discover), eChecks, and ACH.  Like many organizations, these different options typically are set-up in separate and distinct payment systems for online, phone (IVR) and teller-assisted payments.  Your members expect choice and convenience when they choose the when, how, and where they want to pay their bills.    In fact, the average U.S. household uses three or more different bill payment channels per month.  PayPoint helps to eliminate the hassle and cost of maintaining multiple systems. They offer a single gateway solution, that consolidates and streamlines a members’ bill paying desires.

First Data helps you eliminate the inefficiencies and costs, trying to maintain multiple payment processing systems.  It also includes robust transaction tracking, reporting, and exception processing.  The landing site is tailored to be easily customizable with your name, logo, and any messages you also wish to convey.  Your members will likely believe they have never left your website.

It’s very simple to get started.  First Data’s experienced staff will give you a business review and provide the operational procedures.  For more information please contact Dan Collins @



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