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Your website could quietly put you at risk for lawsuits.

The full scope of Americans with Disabilities Act regulations won’t be published until 2018, but the Department of Justice has already made clear that businesses are responsible for ensuring their websites are currently accessible to people with disabilities. Financial institutions are prime targets for lawsuits alleging that a website is not accessible enough to disabled people.  ADA compliance readiness involves ensuring that your website is compatible with the latest accessibility software and hardware for the disabled. For example, do you know if text-to-braille hardware can effectively communicate with the code of your website so a blind or visually impaired person can read the content? If you’re not sure, chances are that your site could be a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Protect your credit union now with a website accessibility audit.

Technology Solutions from CU Solutions Group® will perform a full review of your website to assist you in preparation for the ADA rules coming in 2018. Between now and then, our consultation, audit for potential accessibility gaps, and working with our partner AudioEye to update your current website will give you peace of mind, helping to protect you from legal troubles. We know that your credit union cares about the disabled, and we want to help you ensure that this care is reflected in your website.

The only way to determine whether or not specialized software and hardware for the disabled can communicate with your site is to complete a comprehensive audit of your website’s code and content. There are countless accessibility solutions, such as text-to-voice software, that depend on optimization that is specific to them. A full review of your site is required to determine the level of the site’s accessibility — and if it poses the risk of legal action.

Key features

-Third-party site link issues

-Content or other programming issues

-Section 508(A) issues

-WCAG 1.0 Level A and AA issues

-WCAG 2.0 Level A and AA issues

-Digital Accessibility Platform, a turnkey solution for achieving conformance with ADA-related digital accessibility requirements

-Ally Toolbar, a web enhancement tool that allows any site visitor to customize their experience and is especially helpful for aging populations and individuals with vision, hearing, motor or cognitive disabilities, those who are color blind, dyslexic, are learning to read or may better comprehend information by listening rather than reading

CU Solutions Group has been the trusted leader in compliance assistance and website solutions for credit unions for more than 20 years. Our team of experts focuses exclusively on the credit union industry and has specialized in all areas of compliance for hundreds of credit unions.

For more information please contact our Mary Elicia Del Santo, National Business Consultant @ CU Solutions Group.  or by calling 800.262.6285 and or emailing


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