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Help Your Members Relax and Easily Manage Their Tax Refunds

As W2’s begin to arrive and your members go into overdrive trying to organize their receipts and statements, we know that you and your credit union employees are working hard to lend your members an extra hand during the busy tax season.

Besides offering filing assistance and financial advice, you can further help your members to relax by:
– Reminding them of their impending tax refund (which should certainly put a smile on their faces!)
– Encouraging them to load their refund onto a CUMONEY® Everyday Spend card from LSC®

When your members choose to load all or a portion of their tax refund onto an Everyday Spend prepaid debit card, they’ll be able to keep that money separate from their other accounts. This enables them to save it for a rainy day, use it for a special purchase, or spend it on some well-earned fun.

No matter what your members’ plans look like, the CUMONEY® Everyday Spend card will keep their funds safe, secure, and easily accessible. Plus, with the convenient CUMONEY® free mobile app, members can keep track of their balance and spending any time and any place. Preferably someplace fun.

For more information or to sign up and place your order, call 800-942-7124 or email

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