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The Greatest Harm a Cyber-Attacker Can Cause – Loss of Members’ Trust

For credit unions, the most precious asset that they have…and the hardest to recover once lost…is the trust of their members. This is also the asset that is most at risk through the attacks of hackers and cyber-criminals.

The reason why cyber-attacks can be so damaging to a credit union’s reputation is that the damage is not contained to the credit union itself…they also expose members to the danger of identity theft and/or financial loss. Members are becoming increasingly aware of this phenomenon and are starting to question credit union security controls and protocols to determine if an institution may be vulnerable to a cyber-attack.

The League understands that protecting your credit union’s brand is paramount to your success because it touches all things. It is behind growth and revenues. It is also the asset that when compromised…is least easily fixed. If it is predictable them it is preventable, to help prevent and protect Nebraska credit unions from a devastating data breach, we have partnered LMG Security – a leader in the cybersecurity industry. LMG is singular focused on providing organizations with outstanding cybersecurity and digital forensic services. Over the years, their research and publications have helped define best practices in cybersecurity and digital forensics. Unlike many security companies, LMG Security doesn’t sell a security product or software. Their sole focus is on consulting and training. They act as your trusted security advisor.

LMG Services include:

Penetration Tests

Security Controls Assessments

Risk Assessments

Policy/Procedures Revision


& more

Don’t leave your members’ data security to chance. LMG Security’s commitment to preventing data breaches and tracking down hackers is reflected in all that they do. Whiter you are looking for a quick technical assessment or customized compliance advice, they deliver practical results that make sense. Above all, they are passionate about ensuring credit unions have a secure enterprise…now and into the future. Nothing makes LMG Security prouder than when nothing happens.

To schedule your cyber check-up or have a question about cybersecurity contact LMG Security at

LMG Security will also be a featured speaker at the League’s Annual Meeting & Convention scheduled for June 12 & 13, 2018 in Kearney.



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