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First Nebraska Credit Union Joins Equifax Lawsuit

First Nebraska Credit Union, on behalf of its members, joined the class action lawsuit filed against Equifax.

According to Equifax, hackers breached their system from Mid-May through July 2017. Hackers got the names, Social Security numbers, addresses and other personal data of 143 million Americans. An estimated 750,000 Nebraskans, 40% of the state’s population, were impacted by the breach. Many of those individuals were members of Nebraska credit unions.

This is far worse than the average data breach. Hackers stole more than credit and debit card numbers…with all the personal information stolen from Equifax, hackers can steal a member’s identities. They can open new accounts, credit cards, loans or commit tax fraud.

First Nebraska CU’s Chief Financial Officer, Dale Kovar, said, “First Nebraska CU is actively working to enhance the financial services we provide to our members to help protect their identity now that this unprecedented and far reaching breach has occurred.”

“We are pleased First Nebraska CU has taken the affirmative action of joining the lawsuit against Equifax. Their involvement will allow the attorneys the ability to avail themselves to the laws of the state and will help assure that any recovery ultimately obtained will be available to the entire class of credit unions in Nebraska,” said League CEO, Scott Sullivan.

The League also remains engaged with Nebraska’s Congressional delegation on activities related to the breach.

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