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Hiring for Talent

In the traditional sense, recruiting new employees is systematically looking at resumes and evaluating past experience of potential candidates. Hiring people based on their past experience, and the skills they have acquired over the years is an important facet in the recruiting process. However, if you are using this process exclusively, you could be missing out on the perfect candidate for your company. This process often overlooks a very important trait of the best candidates out there, potential. It’s not that this way of sourcing doesn’t work, or that quality people aren’t found using this process, but you may to need ask yourself, how do we truly determine someone’s potential?

The answer: Talent.

Talent is natural. It is not learned over time and it does not waiver. These individuals are the ones you are looking for, the people who will not just sustain your company, they will move your company forward. They are the people that have the natural abilities you cannot teach, E.g., Work-Ethic, Detail-Orientation, Positivity, etc. How do you find these people? You have to do more than look at resume’s and ask basic interview questions.

Find the Passive Candidate:

Passive candidates are individuals who generally are not looking for new work but they are open to other opportunities. You are not going to find these candidates through the traditional process. In order to find the candidate you want to run to something instead of running from it you need to:

– Use your referral network. Send out a mass communication with your job opportunity. People tend to be thankful when they receive notifications such as this because they might be able to help a friend or relative.

– Use social media. LinkedIn is a great place to find passive candidates. I’ve never ran across someone I reached out to about a job that was offended because I contacted them. People tend to be thrilled that you reached out to them and often times they are not interested but someone they know might be.

– Use niche job boards to aid your search.

– Be prepared to sell your brand and know your culture. Many of the best candidates want to understand the culture they are joining. You need to be able to articulate why a candidate should join your Credit Union.

– Keep it simple and be sure to be who you are. Over selling a job or a culture is not a good idea. Candidates appreciate learning about the opportunities and the challenges a company has.

It is important to remember that we all have some forms of talent but we’re all different. Not all candidates are going to have the exact style that matches the job. That is a good thing, organizations need balance. Just be sure you’re on the same page as the hiring manager because bringing in the wrong talent to the Credit Union will result in a lot of unnecessary work. Work hard to hire the best from the beginning. Try to select hard so you can manage easy!


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