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Measure Your Credit Union’s Member Value With CUAnalyzer
Measure Your Credit Union’s Member Value With CUAnalyzer

Credit unions across the country use Callahan’s Return of the Member (ROM) scoring to support their member-facing goals, hold staff accountable to better serve members, and demonstrate the impact credit unions have in their communities. ROM is a quantitative way for credit unions to shout out that difference to members. The ROM calculation considers three core credit union functions: Return to Savers (savings), Return to Borrowers (lending), and Member Participation (product usage).

Where does your credit union rank? View your ROM score in comparison to your asset-based national peers by logging into CUAnalyzer and clicking “Member Value” on the left navigation.

We commonly use asset groups to base rankings. Here you will state averages to give you another perspective.

These 20 Nebraska CUs Top Callahan’s ROM Index
Data as of 9/30/2016 | For more details about how Callahan’s ROM scoring is calculated, click here.

About CUAnalyzer

CUAnalyzer is Callahan’s educational analysis tool. It makes it easy for credit union executives, employees, and volunteers to understand their credit union’s financial data and how it compares to other credit unions in their area or those who operate using a similar business model. Click here to register for an upcoming training session or contact us with specific questions.

Users can look at pre-built packets featuring metrics that directly measure their department’s success. Your credit union has access to CUAnalyzer through its affiliation with Nebraska Credit Union League.

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