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105th Legislature is Underway

The 105th Legislature convened for its First Session on January 4th.  There were seventeen (17) newly elected State Senators sworn in on the first day as well as the swearing in of officers.  The body elected new leadership including a new Speaker, Standing Committee Chairs, Select and Special Committee Charis.  The new Speaker is Jim Scheer of Norfolk.  Speaker Scheer defeated Senator Matt Williams of Gothenburg for the top post.

Bill introduction is underway and runs for the first ten days of the session.  Each legislative bill that is introduced will receive a public hearing before a legislative standing committee.  Each Senator can designate one bill as their priority bill which gives those bills preference when it comes to floor debate scheduling.  Each Standing Committee gets two priority designations and the Speaker gets 25 such designations.  The session will run 90 working days and is likely to adjourn in late May or early June.

The Banking, Commerce and Insurance Committee will have a new Chairman in Senator Brett Lindstrom of Omaha.  Senator Lindstrom ran unopposed for the position and was elected by his colleagues.  The Committee will have four new faces including Senator Tom Brewer (LD 43), Senator Roy Baker (LD 30), Senator John S. McCollister (LD 20), and Senator Mark Kolterman (LD 24).  Members that remain on the Committee include Senator Paul Schumacher (LD 22), Senator Matt Williams (LD 36), Senator Joni Craighead (LD 6), and Senator Brett Lindstrom (LD 18).

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