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League Board Supports Bylaw Amendments Allowing for Membership Choice

The Nebraska Credit Union League Board of Directors has voted to amend the association’s bylaws to explicitly allow credit unions the opportunity to choose which organizations they join. The amended bylaws will be presented to affiliated credit unions during the League Annual Meeting scheduled for June 2, 2016 in Lincoln. If approved credit unions will be able to be members of the League without becoming a member of the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) and vice versa. If passed the change would be effective immediately.

The Boards decision comes on the heels of the Credit Union National Associations Board of Directors announcement that it intends to modernize its bylaws, including membership requirements and governance structure.

“The League Boards actions recognizes the realities of an evolving credit union system. Credit unions are demanding more value and options from their trade associations. The proposed bylaw amendments will provide the League the flexibility it needs in meeting the desire of its credit unions,” said Stan Fraser, chairman of the Nebraska Credit Union League. “With approval of this proposed bylaw change, and with the expected approval of CUNA’s modernize set of bylaws, Nebraska credit unions will have the option of belonging to the Nebraska League, CUNA or both associations.”

According to League President/CEO, J. Scott Sullivan, “The League Board is fully committed to a more open and inclusive membership structure but also believes that we are stronger together. The best and most effective way to enhance our advocacy efforts is to stand united. Going forward it is imperative that we foster greater member engagement. Advocacy is still job one and we remain dedicated to demonstrating the value and benefits of membership in both the League and CUNA.”

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