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INTECH Has the Tools, the Software, and the Service 

The traditional core processing system is a thing of the past as we see it. Today’s core data processing is a combination of the standard back office core products and the digital front ends that touch your members’ lives every day.

Credit union members and prospects, in increasing numbers, are demanding a wider spectrum of services – many of which require products developed using leading edge technologies. Indeed, it is not just one service or product that helps with growth of a credit union, it is having available, a variety of tools and services that appeal to a diverse mix of members.

Statistics are showing that more credit unions are outsourcing their complete core data processing and there many good reasons why. From small to large, credit unions are finding that outsourcing can help them avoid costly upgrades, expensive personnel cost, help free up time for other projects and give them the competitive edge in the market place for a fraction of the cost and in half the implementation time. 

The digital front touch points of Homebanking, Mobile banking, On-line account opening, Bill Payment and Mobile check deposit are expensive but have become required services for your membership and the overall survival of the credit union. The major hurdle is the cost effective integration of these digital front-end products. All too often credit unions are met with an interface or connection fee from their back office core provider that than makes the technology unaffordable. Leaving the credit union struggling to obtain the technology to become competitive in the market. 

With the right technology, these challenges become a thing of the past. Innovative Technology Inc. (INTECH) has developed technology that allows a credit union the best of both worlds. Utilizing the collaboration of many credit unions, our partners are obtaining access to products and services today that normally would not be affordable. Credit unions have the freedom to add new products and services without the worry of integration issues, excessive increased maintenance expense and those high priced upfront investments in add-ons or modules. INTECH has the tools, the software and the service philosophy to provide an avenue for all credit unions to offer their members the latest in technology. INTECH’s partnership with your credit union means you will become more successful by serving the membership with affordable products and services. Come join our team today and get started on your new future.

INTECH is an Omaha, Nebraska based multi-functional core data processing company that serves credit union clients exclusively. INTECH combines the advantage of in-house and on-line core data processing solutions backed by ongoing support and service.

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