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ScoreCard® Rewards Dynamic Travel Program

CSCU has some exciting news! The ScoreCard Rewards travel program will be upgraded by the end of 2014! The former ScoreCard Rewards travel program has been going strong for more than 20 years. In order to stay current with industry changes, we are excited to upgrade your program with new features and enhancements! Cardholder benefits include:

  • Book airline tickets without the restrictions of the Fixed Ticket model
  • Multiple purchase price options based on the variable market prices of airline tickets
  • More activity options
  • Online cruise bookings
  • Booking fees are bundled with the cost of the ticket, so points can be used for the entire booking
  • Cardholder can select the number of points they wish to use for the booking and use their card for the remaining portion
  • …and so much more!

This program enhancement will help our clients more closely align with current airline prices at the time of the transaction, and may offer additional cost savings opportunities as well as increased value to cardholders. For more information contact Dan Collins.

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