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CU’s Win Top PAC Awards

Liberty First CU and Family Focus FCU were recognized during the Nebraska Credit Union League 2015 Annual Meeting for their PAC fundraising efforts.  The Annual Meeting was held in Kansas City, MO in conjunction with the Kansas Credit Union Association’s Annual Meeting.  

During the NCUL business meeting, Director of Governmental & Public Affairs Brandon Luetkenhaus presented the 2014 TOP PAC Contributor Award to Liberty First CU and the 2014 PAC Preservation Award to Family Focus FCU.  The TOP PAC Contributor Award is a new award that recognizes the credit union that raised the highest dollar amount for NCULPAC during the previous year.  Liberty First CU raised the most of any Nebraska credit union with just under $4 thousand raised in 2014 from their staff and volunteers.  

The PAC Preservation Award is presented to a Nebraska credit union for their outstanding efforts and results in PAC fundraising through the payroll deduction program.  Family Focus FCU reached 100% participation from their employees via payroll deduction and the average contribution was $86.  Brandon Luetkenhaus said during the presentation, “Family Focus FCU underscores the importance of the payroll deduction program and the fact that a credit union with a fraction of the employees can be a top leader in PAC fundraising”.  Family Focus FCU will also win the Gold Award for the most raised per member for the PAC.  

The NCUL announced that other 2014 PAC Awards will be presented at the respective Chapter meetings in the fall.      

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TRID Compliance – Getting Down to the Details: Timing Requirements


With less than three months before the August 1 deadline for the TILA/RESPA combined disclosure, your credit union should have a solid plan for where the new disclosures are coming from and how to implement those documents. It’s now time to think about policy and procedure changes required by the new rule. 

One of the key procedural changes will be the myriad of timing requirements for the new disclosures.   The basic timing rules are:

Loan Estimate: 

1. Must be delivered or placed in the mail three business days after application.  

2. Must be delivered or placed in the mail seven business days before consummation. 

3. Must be received before the Closing Disclosure.

Closing Disclosure:

1. Must be received three business days before consummation. {Read The Full Article}

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Card Services for Credit Unions Offers Portfolio Consulting Services For Users.

Card Services for Credit Unions (CSCU) offers users free credit & debit portfolio consulting services.  The consultants review your specific credit union’s debit or credit portfolio and then using card industry standards, will offer you their best recommendations.  The consulting team are industry experts, who can help you monitor and manage your card portfolio to maximize your credit union’s revenues and profits.  

CSCU staff are able to review your credit union’s performance and then provide a customized portfolio analysis, which should provide you a better understanding of your portfolio’s strengths and opportunities.  This analysis will then assist your credit union as your determine benchmark goals for finance charges, interchange, and fee income.

This type of information should enhance your credit union’s overall success.  We encourage you to utilize this CSCU benefit annually.  You may either your CSCU account executive or visit their website to schedule a review.

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Study: Online Calculators Improve
Probability of Saving Enough for Retirement


Over the last several years, you’ve probably read about dozens of surveys in which a large majority of American workers say they’re not saving enough for retirement. But that only tells half the story, if that. 

For a deeper understanding of how many of us are saving enough for retirement, measure how many of us actually have an educated idea of how much “enough” is likely to be.  {Read The Full Article}

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Officers Named for the Nebraska Credit Union League Board of Directors

OMAHA – New officers were named to the Nebraska Credit Union League during a reorganization meeting held following the 81st Annual Meeting.  

The following individuals were elected to leadership positions within the board:


Pictured from left to right:

Stan Fraser – NCUL Chair,  Jerry Barnett – NCUL 1st Vice Chair, Peg Niedbalski – NCUL 2nd Vice Chair

Other League Directors include:

Amy Brodersen, President/CEO, Family Focus FCU

Keith Kauffeld, President, University of Nebraska FCU

Cheryl Mascarallo, Vice President, Mutual First Federal

Dee Schriner, President, Kearney FCU

Steve Swanstrom, President, Centris FCU

Bob Tingelhoff, Chairman, OPPD Employees FCU

Each officer will serve in their position until the reorganization meeting scheduled following the 82nd Annual Meeting on June 2, 2016 in Lincoln, NE. 

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NCUL Volunteer Distinguished Service Award

 NCUL Volunteer

Sharon Hammond – Volunteer of the Year

OMAHA – Volunteerism serves as the foundation of the credit union philosophy. The Volunteer Distinguished Service Award is the highest individual honor that can be bestowed upon a credit union volunteer in Nebraska.

On June 5th the Nebraska Credit Union League honored Sharon Hammond, longtime member of the Board Directors of Spirit of America Federal Credit Union with this special designation during its Annual Awards banquet.

Sharon Hammond has served as a volunteer Director on the Spirit of America FCU Board for over 16 years. During her years of service she has been elected Chairperson twice, first in 2001 then again in 2005.

{Read The Full Article}

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Liberty First CU Takes Home the CMN Outstanding Achievement Award

This year’s winner of the Credit Unions for Kids Outstanding Achievement Award goes to Liberty First Credit Union.  Always exceeding Gold status, Liberty First CU raises funds through donations from employees and members.  In 2014, they raised a whopping $10,303 – surpassing their initial goal of $6,600.  They participate in League events, chapter events, and hospital events all throughout the year.  They are involved with everything from radiothons to sand volleyball tournaments, Santa Letters, and so much more.  Congratulations to the wonderful staff of Liberty First CU. {Read The Full Article}

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Great American Insurance Company (GAIC)

GAIC and the Cooperative Solutions Group have partnered to offer a solution for managing most of your normal maintenance contracts.  This program offers several different contract options, depending on your needs.

For example credit unions using their managed care option, typically save from 15 – 20% annually on the cost of their existing maintenance agreements.  The normal equipment covered are ATM’s, alarms, copiers, currency counters, telephone systems, and many other office machines that are tied to a service contract.   {Read The Full Article}

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CO-OP Beats Bank of America in Branch Network Size


CO-OP Shared Branch now has more branches than Bank of America, making it the country’s third-largest branch network, CO-OP Financial Services announced today.

Wells Fargo has 6,392 branches and Chase has 5,892 branches, making them top two largest branch networks, according to the FDIC’s “Find Banks” database. But with 5,341 branches, CO-OP Shared Branch now has Bank of America beat by 97 as of May 19, 2015, CO-OP said. {Read The Full Article}

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The 2015 Joint Annual Meeting and Convention in Kansas City was a SPLASH!  The convention started off with Golf and Bowling, followed by an exciting Exhibitor Reception which included a PB&J contest!   The next days were filled with business meetings, education sessions, networking, awards and entertainment.  Between the 2 states and all the exhibitors, we had close to 400 people in attendance! 

Special thanks to all of those who sponsored the event and attended!

Click HERE to see some of the highlights!

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