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CU Direct to Give $20K to CMN Hospital

It’s time to VOTE!  Help our very own Omaha Children’s Hospital & Medical Center win this $20,000!  Go to to vote every day.  They also recently added another $20K to share with 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th place.  Each place getting $5000!  Share with credit union employees, volunteers, members, friends, family!  All can vote!  The voting will end on December 22nd.

CUA 20 for 20

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1649 Santa Letters were mailed Friday December 5th!  Our elves made sure every letter was stamped and sent out the door.  Little, and even some big, kids should be receiving them in the next week or so.

If you have any members asking where they are, please let them know when they were sent and that it will be in the hands of the post offices as to when they arrive.  If they do not receive one, the options are to have us re-send it or you can refund the member.

Thank you for participating and have a wonderful holiday season!  HO! HO! HO!

CUA Santa Letters

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2015 Spring DE Training Registrations Still Open

Registration is still open for the DE training programs of 2015. The January 14-21, 2015 is SOLD OUT but the April 29-May 6, 2015 in Madison has openings.

Registration for the trainings can be found on the NCUF website by clicking the “Register for DE Training” button on the homepage or anywhere on the website under “Foundation Programs>Development Education>Register for 2015 DE Trainings” at the top of every page.

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Only A Few Days Left to Apply for Crash the GAC 2015!

Applications Close on January 2nd, 2015!


The 2015 Crash the GAC is going to be an event that you don’t want to miss! Time is running out to apply!

The Cooperative Trust, CUNA, and state leagues, including Nebraska, are again joining forces in attempt to get one crasher from each state and the District of Columbia represented at the 2015 GAC taking place March 7-13, 2015. Apply today!

Every Crasher will receive a full conference registration from CUNA. Travel, hotel and food costs are the responsibility of the Crasher and their credit union, but the League will provide travel and hotel reimbursement for the crasher from Nebraska.

With more Crashers than ever before, a deeper dive into the world of credit union advocacy, and support from your state leagues to help arm you with ideas to stay involved back home—this year’s Crash the GAC is an event you don’t want to miss!

Be sure to get your application in by the January 2, 2015 deadline!

In addition to the core events of keynote speakers and breakout sessions, crashers will take part in exclusive sessions that focus on state and federal credit union advocacy and how they can build their advocacy efforts at their own credit union.

Additional information is available from Brandon Luetkenhaus at

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Public opinion rates credit unions the best

In today’s economy and political climate, it’s important not to underestimate the power of public opinion. That’s a message being shared by the new Credit Union National Association (CUNA) President & CEO Jim Nussle, now just over two months into the job leading the nation’s predominant credit union trade group.

As evidenced by the growth of credit unions in recent years – with credit unions surpassing the 100 million membership mark nationally this summer and Minnesota credit unions gaining 110,000 memberships in the last two years – public opinion continues to be on the side of not-for-profit financial institutions. Consumers trust credit unions and believe that they have members’ best interests in mind.

Below is a collection of national stories and links that highlight the high praise credit unions have received in recent months:

-According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), credit unions are ranked first in customer satisfaction, significantly outpacing all other financial services.

-In a U.S. News & World Report article, credit unions were recommended as an option for consumers who are considering a change in financial institutions.

-A recent Harris poll reported: Consumer trust in credit unions steady, while banks decline.

Mortgage Banking Magazine reports that credit unions are expanding their role in mortgage origination, filling the demand for more mortgage credit and enabling more first-time homebuyers to purchase a home.

Time Magazine has a good story about credit unions stating “Why the Right Bank for You Might Not Be a Bank.”

“In my time at CUNA, I’ve come to appreciate more and more the amazing job credit union staff are doing on the frontlines – fighting for the best interest and financial security of the members they represent,” Nussle said.

CUA The Best List

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NCUA announces revised RBC proposal at Jan. 15 Board meeting


National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) Chairman Debbie Matz announced in a press release that a revised risk-based capital (RBC) proposed rule will be on the agenda for consideration at the Board’s Jan. 15 meeting. In addition, she also indicated that a 90-day comment period would also be likely to follow. The comment period generally begins from the date of publication in the Federal Register, so even if the revised RBC proposed rule is presented and approved at the January meeting as indicated, there will be an additional period of time between the meeting and publication date.

The first risk-based capital proposed rule was issued in early 2014. During that comment period the League, its Board of Directors, a coalition of Agricultural based Credit Unions and 9 Nebraska credit unions filed comments on the RBC proposal requesting revisions such as amendments to the risk weightings, a longer implementation period, and the issuance of a second proposed rule and corresponding comment period. League and credit union representatives also had conversations with Chairman Matz and Board Member Metzger on the RBC proposal during the Leagues Hike the Hill program and representatives from the League and member credit unions attended the NCUA listening session in Chicago in July to voice their concerns with the proposal.

The League will be crafting a comment letter once the revised rule has been released. As with the original proposed rule, we anticipate providing a template of our comment letter to our member credit unions to use for their own comments. The League will continue to provide member credit unions with updates and information.

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Leveraging the 100 Million Memberships Milestone to Move the Awareness Needle

Leveraging the 100 Million Memberships Milestone to Move the Awareness Needle

This summer marked a momentous occasion for credit unions. We reached a significant milestone of 100 Million Memberships nationwide. To help build awareness for Nebraska member credit unions and to continue educating the community about the credit union difference as we all celebrate 100 Million Memberships, The League embarked on a 100 MM Awareness Campaign. The Campaign included several facets:

Labor Day Parade:

CUA Leverage

The Campaign was kick-offed during the Labor Day Parade in Omaha. Several credit union volunteers participated in the parade. The credit union team was decked out in branded 100MM t-shirts to help spread the word.

Radio Promotion:

You may have heard the radio commercials aired on the Husker Sports Nightly Show.   This sports talk show is exclusive to Husker sports and aired on 22 stations statewide. The commercials were heard between 6 and 9 p.m. from September 29 through November 26. The radio spots connected credit union members within the context of 100 million members nationwide. The fun and light-hearted approach in messaging was designed to engage members (and prospective members) with the concept that by the growth of membership nationwide, the benefits of individual membership are stronger.

Print Production:

A full-color 4-page insert was placed in a number of newspaper publications throughout Nebraska.  The insert included testimonials from Nebraska credit union members sharing reasons why they appreciate working with their credit union.   It also included an overview on the 100MM campaign and important data about Nebraska credit union members.


The insert was placed in the Omaha World-Herald with a potential 350,000 distribution on “stand-by” basis over a two-week period beginning October 17 and ran through October 31.


The insert was also placed in several other publications including:

o   Kearney Hub – 13,000 circulation

o   North Platte Telegraph – 10,500 circulation

o   Grand Island Independent – 22,000 circulation

o   Scottsbluff Star – Herald – 14,000 circulation

o   Alliance Times-Herald – 5,914 circulation

o   Lincoln Journal Star – 62,706 circulation

o   Sioux City Journal – 31,000 circulation

CUA Leverage 2



INFOGRAPHIC. A 100MM Infographic was created to provide an easy-to-understand, visual approach to showing the strength of credit unions in Nebraska and nationwide.

CUA Leverage 3


Midlands Business Journal Ad. The Midland Business Journal is the Business Newspaper of Greater Omaha, Lincoln and Council Bluffs. Each December the Journal publishes a special section on area credit unions. This year, in addition to providing article content, we will also be running an advertisement highlighting the 100 Million Memberships milestone.

CUA Leverage 4


Measuring Success. During the 100 Million Memberships Awareness campaign, the League took every opportunity to encouraged consumers to visit   During the campaign period, Nebraska traffic to the website increased by nearly 250%. We all know that success comes in many shapes and forms and measuring awareness campaigns can oftentimes be extremely subjective making it difficult at best, but we hope our effort played a part in moving the credit union awareness needle.

CUA Chart

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CO-OP Financial Services a Visa ‘Engaged Issuer-Processor’ for Apple Pay


CO-OP Financial Services ( announced that it is a Visa “Engaged Issuer-Processor,” authorized to immediately service the enrollment of credit unions in Apple Pay, making it the only CUSO with this designation.

“CO-OP is ahead of many competing credit and debit processors that have not been granted this designation because they do not have the direct links to Visa as we do,” said Stan Hollen, President/CEO, CO-OP Financial Services. “We are working directly with Visa without having to pass through an intermediary.”

CO-OP has been active with both Visa and MasterCard since the introduction of Apple Pay in September to enroll its clients. The company already has credit unions in the implementation validation process at Visa and MasterCard, and CO-OP expects many of its credit unions to be in the final stages of testing in December.

“We believe Apple Pay presents a unique revenue opportunity for credit unions by providing their members with the latest in digital wallet technology,” said Hollen. “We are also seeking to bring the lowest aggregated issuers fees to our credit unions.”

CO-OP is also focusing on industry education concerning Apple Pay, with the hub of the effort being the company’s Tokenization Resource Center, located at

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CUNA Mutual Group Introduces Risk Insight Dashboard for Fidelity Bond Policyholders

Credit unions face myriad daily risks that threaten their financial well-being, reputation and membership. To further protect credit union fidelity bond policyholders and reduce their loss exposures, CUNA Mutual Group has introduced an intuitive online tool that provides executive-level risk insights unique to a particular credit union.

The Risk Insight Dashboard elevates a credit union’s risk awareness in five key areas, helping guide risk prevention decisions by management and boards. Credit unions complete an initial online assessment by answering a short series of yes/no or multiple choice questions to establish their benchmark. Responses feed a customized dashboard for each credit union to provide executive insight into five key risk areas, which include:

-Internal Controls (Cash Handling & General Ledger)
-Lending Oversight
-Employment Practice
-Data/Network Security
-Member Authentication


The Risk Insight Dashboard is a value-added benefit for fidelity bond policyholders and is housed online in CUNA Mutual Group’s Protection Resource Center. It provides credit unions a custom risk rating of low, moderate, or high in each area with a numerical scale of 0-100 based on the credit union’s completed assessment. Risk awareness in key areas helps the credit union prioritize action steps to prevent, mitigate, and manage risks. The Dashboard also shows how the credit union compares to peers.

“The Dashboard uses submitted data to analyze and compare a credit union’s unique risk characteristics and risk management practices, and the results help the credit union identify, prioritize and act to manage the most pressing risks,” said Jay Isaacson, CUNA Mutual Group vice president, Credit Union Protection. “It’s not just a check list of best practices; it arms executives with tangible data to share with their management teams and boards as they set policies and procedures,” Isaacson said.

CUNA Mutual Group benefits from Dashboard results as well. “The Risk Insight Dashboard enables us to capture credit union Risk Management practices relative to peers, provide customized, consultative advice and deliver solutions they need to mitigate those exposures,” Isaacson added.

Policyholders can access the Dashboard via a link on the main navigation of the Protection Resource Center, or it can be accessed directly at

Users can reassess their risks anytime, but Isaacson suggests credit unions update their dashboard at least annually, or when they make a significant change to their policies and procedures in one of the key risk areas. In addition, CUNA Mutual Group will regularly update data that defines the credit union’s risk score (e.g., NCUA 5300 Call Reports).

CUNA Mutual Group is the credit union marketplace leader in offering fidelity bond protection, insuring more than 85 percent of all credit unions (CUNA Mutual Group internal data, 2014). “We’ve used our nearly 55 years of working with and understanding thousands of credit unions’ loss exposures in building the Risk Insight Dashboard. It’s a differentiator for CUNA Mutual Group and a critical addition to our portfolio of value-added risk management tools we already provide to customers to help them understand and mitigate risk exposures,” Isaacson said. “We continue to invest in our risk management offering to ensure that we are positioned to add value to our credit union policyholders as they contemplate how to manage the most critical areas of risk in their operations,” Isaacson added.

Credit unions can get more information by contacting their CUNA Mutual Group risk manager.

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CUNA Mutual Group: Non-ADA-compliant ATM lawsuits persist

CUA ATMCUNA Mutual Group is reminding credit unions about the importance of ensuring that ATMs are accessible to individuals with disabilities. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) required credit unions and other institutions to upgrade to ATMs capable of servicing disabled and visually impaired individuals by March 2012.

According to CUNA Mutual Group, many lawsuits over non-ADA-compliant ATMs involve credit unions who believe they are in compliance with the law. The lawsuits often occur after an ATM has been upgraded or replaced, yet still does not fully comply with the act.

CUNA Mutual Group recommends credit unions take the following steps to ensure compliance:

-Include ADA compliance in routine ATM inspections. Machines should be physically inspected at least once per month, and the inspector should always bring headphones or ear buds to check the audio jack.

-Use a checklist to document the inspection. Consider taking a photo to strengthen the documentation.

-Look for common ADA compliance issues. Common issues include: a broken voice activation feature; the screen not going blank when the user activates the speech function; a disabled headphone jack; a lack of volume control, braille instructions or repeat/interrupt functions; and keys without raised symbols.

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CUNA unveils new ‘Stop the Data Breaches’ toolkit

CUA BreachesCUNA has unveiled a new toolkit as part of its national Stop the Data Breaches initiative. The tools include a 60 second video, a list of risk management practices for both credit unions and members, and a mailing insert that can be included with member notifications when a new card is issued.

Earlier this year, CUNA and state associations/leagues announced they were issuing a “Stop the Data Breaches” action alert in an effort to raise awareness about the lack of data security standards for merchants. By visiting the Stop the Data Breaches website and the accompanying action center, users can easily contact members of Congress and ask them to help “Stop the Data Breaches.” Credit unions are encouraged to mobilize employees, volunteers and members to support the initiative. Social media users are also encouraged to utilize the #StopTheBreaches hashtag in updates and posts on Twitter and Facebook.

Under the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, credit unions and other financial institutions are held to strict data standards, but merchants are not. As a result, the breaches have cost credit unions millions of dollars in card reissuance and fraud-related expenses.

CUA Breaches 2

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Build Cardholder Loyalty with CardCentives


FIS™ CardCentives provides a security and coverage package of enhancements for your cardholders, while boosting your portfolio’s profitability with increased usage and maintained loyalty. In today’s dynamic marketplace, there is no better way to distinguish your card program and outperform the competition. In fact, our statistics show that existing CardCentives clients have an average of 34% more transactions than non-CardCentives clients, a 30% higher amount per transaction, and carry an average finance charge 25% higher than for non-CardCentives clients. Now those are results you can see!

Each of the three CardCentives packages – Prime, Privilege and Premium – encourages increased activation, usage and retention for your credit or debit card program. As an added benefit, cardholders from enrolled institutions can visit to learn about all of the free enhancements their card provides, in a single location!

Valuable Features Offer Protection and Convenience

Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the United States.  Victims spend an average of 175 hours on the paperwork necessary to clean up the fallout of a crime, resulting in the loss of time and wages.  With all CardCentives levels, your cardholders are armed with two valuable relief aids for identity theft, in addition to other incentives like 90 day product protection, travel registration service, prescription discount card, extended warranty, personal shopper, price guarantee, concierge services, and more.

For additional information, contact Dan Collins at

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CFPB Overdraft, Debt Collection & Payday Lending Proposals Moved Back


When the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) last week announced its rulemaking agenda for the next six months, what was moved-back on the list was as interesting as what was included in the near term.

The agenda anticipated proposals on overdraft protection, debt collection and payday lending sometime in the first seven months of 2015, which would mean final rules would be unlikely before 2016 (American Banker, Nov. 26). That’s a significantly different timeframe than indicated this spring by the CFPB when it predicted the payday loan and overdraft rules would be proposed in September and December of this year.

The CFPB said it would release a proposal on debt collection in April and tackle overdraft fees in July. However, a spokesperson for the bureau notes that the six-month agenda represents the CFPB’s best estimates of a timeline which could shift at any time.

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CUA Webinar

1/6/2015           CFPB Rules for Mortgage Loan Originator Compensation

Tracy Jean Ashfield, Ashfield & Associates

1/7/2015           Disaster Management & Continuity Planning, Including Critical Vendors

Ann Brode-Harner, Brode Consulting Services, Inc.

1/8/2015           Apple Pay, the Mobile Payments Game Changer:

Considerations & Action Steps for Credit Unions

Lee Wetherington, Jack Henry & Associates, Inc.®

1/13/2015         HMDA:  What to Know Now & What’s on the Horizon?

Susan Costonis, Compliance Consulting and Training for Financial Institutions

1/14/2015         IRA Series:

IRA & HSA Update 2014-2015 Tax Years

Frank J. LaLoggia, LaLoggia Consulting, Inc.

1/20/2015         The Revised BSA/AML Examination Manual:  Reviewing December 2014 Changes

Elizabeth Fast, Spencer Fane Britt & Browne LLP

1/21/2015         Advanced Endorsements:  POAs, Businesses, Trusts & More

Mary-Lou Heighes, Compliance Plus, Inc.

1/22/2015         Director Series: 

Credit Union Bylaws:  Understanding & Assessing Your Governance Documents

Elizabeth Fast, Spencer Fane Britt & Browne LLP

1/27/2015         Dealing with ACH Tax Refunds:  Exceptions, Posting & Credit Union Responsibilities

Luann S. Kohlmann, PAR/WACHA

1/28/2015         HR Series: 

Interviewing Techniques & Best Practices:  Hiring Right the First Time

Diane Reed, CU Doctor

1/29/2015         Member Complaint & Response Management

Brian Witt, Farleigh Wada Witt

Click HERE to go to the full events calendar for 2015.  

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Chapters Hold Robbery Training

It’s no secret that robberies have been at the top of the headlines much more than normal the last few months.  Staying apprised of robbery procedures and keeping your staff informed is crucial, especially during the holidays.

Credit unions are taking action to keep their branches safe.  The Lincoln Chapter held their training on November 17th at the Havelock Social Hall.  Investigator Bolzer from the Sheriff’s Office presented to the group.  The Omaha Chapter held their training on December 9th at Mutual 1st Federal where FBI Victim Specialist Kathryn Thomsen and Bank Robbery Coordinator Jonathan Robitaille presented to the attendees.

As we head into the holiday season, December normally has the highest number of robberies.  Some other key takeaways from the trainings were to pay attention to details, make sure staff stays alert, be aware of your surroundings, and keep calm.

CUA Robbery

Omaha Chapter Robbery Training

Chapter representatives interested in submitting information about Chapter-wide advocacy efforts, community outreach initiatives or credit union awareness campaigns are encouraged to email  Photos and related press releases may also be included with the email.

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