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New website celebrates CU membership nearing 100M mark

The website also contains an interactive map, which contains unique facts about each state—all of which relate back to the number 100 million. {Read The Full Article}

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Become an enterprise risk management expert

It’s more important than ever for credit unions to approach risk with responsibility and vigilance. Attend CUNA Enterprise Risk Management Certification Institute, led by expert ERM consultants from The Rochdale Group, Inc., December 8-11, 2014 in Las Vegas, NV. You’ll learn the crucial details of risk management and evaluate risks that go beyond investments in order to incorporate ERM into your credit union’s ongoing risk culture. {Read The Full Article}

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Catastrophic Losses: Plan ahead for your credit union – and your members

By Kriss Besch, Product Support Manager

John F. Kennedy once said the time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.  It’s good advice that still rings true today – especially for credit union leaders who may be putting off the development of a disaster response and recovery plan.   

A look at headlines this spring is evidence that disaster can strike anytime and anywhere, whether it’s the mudslides in the Pacific Northwest, tornados in Texas or the recent wildfires in Oklahoma. In fact, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reports that Americans live in the most severe weather-prone country on earth, with 90% of the declared disasters attributed to weather1.   {Read The Full Article}

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CO-OP Member Center

Do you struggle to find the perfect balance between increasing revenue, bringing in new membership, and making current members happy? If you do, you are not alone – the vast majority of credit unions see this as a pain point as well. {Read The Full Article}

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CUNA’s Annual Report available

CUNA’s 2013 Annual Report, detailing the outcomes of our organization’s efforts, products, programs and initiatives throughout the year, is now posted on the website. The report neatly outlines the efforts that the three-tier system of CUNA, leagues and credit unions took together to realize these results, and build for the future.

 Download CUNA’s 2013 Annual Report.

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Invest in America


The Membership Enhancements program  Invest in America was created with two goals in mind: to help credit union members save and to assist credit unions in aligning their core products and services with exclusive offers from trusted U.S.-based partners. {Read The Full Article}

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NCUA launches interest rate risk resource page

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NCUA launched a new resource page last week, which is intended to help credit unions better understand and prepare for changes in interest rates and the associated risks. The new page contains: relevant videos; images detailing interest rate trends; and links to NCUA regulations, letters, advisories and recommended best practices. {Read The Full Article}

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Registration for Online Discovery™ Conference to Open Mid-August

It’s that time of year again! Registration for the 5th Annual Online Discovery™ Conference will open in mid-August and the event will launch on October 15, 2014. Credit union professionals can attend this virtual conference to gain insight into industry trends and important topics. There is no cost to attend. {Read The Full Article}

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A Reflection on NCUA’s Listening Session on Risked Based Capital

7-10-14 Chicago IL - Chairman Matz Welcomes 170 Participants to Her Second 2014 Listening Session in Chicago

NCUL President/CEO, Scott Sullivan, had the opportunity to attend the recent NCUA’s Risk Based Capital Chairman’s Listening Session in Chicago. He was joined by 160 credit union representatives from across the country. {Read The Full Article}

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Reg Relief & RBC Top Issues at Hike the Hill

Nebraska credit union advocates took their message of regulatory relief to Capitol Hill during the Hike the Hill event in mid-July. “Our credit unions are being inundated with hundreds of new complex regulations from multiple agencies that they must now comply with”, said Scott Sullivan, President/CEO of NCUL.  The Credit Union National Association (CUNA) said there have been 180 new regulations from 15 separate agencies since 2008 not including those from the CFPB.  {Read The Full Article}

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Members Needs to Verify Their Credit Union Membership to Keep Saving with Sprint


The Cooperative Solutions Groupswants to thank our Nebraskacredit unions who support the Sprint Credit Union Member Discount program. We want to make sure your members continue to receive these valuable savings. Periodically, Sprint needs participants to verify eligibility so they can receive the discount and waived activation fees.  {Read The Full Article}

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SunCorp’s 2014 Annual Meeting Results

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(Westminster, Colorado) June 19, 2014 — SunCorp’s 37th Annual Meeting was held on May

21, 2014.

Greg Hill, President and CEO of Community Financial CU in Broomfield, Colorado, was elected for another 3-year term. Greg has served on the Board of Directors for 4 years and currently holds the position of Chair. {Read The Full Article}

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CO-OP has New Consumer Website

The single greatest challenge to our movement’s growth is consumers who don’t understand what credit unions are, and aren’t aware of the benefits membership can bring.

CO-OP’s new consumer website, the focal point of a multi-faceted consumer campaign targeting the key Millennial market, was created to help them learn the truth. will welcome consumers reached by the new CO-OP initiative, themed Empowering People. Amplifying Dreams. {Read The Full Article}

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Two Credit Unions’ Proactive Approach to Fighting Plastic Card Fraud

We’re all familiar with the recent Target breach affecting 120 million customers.  However, more localized, lesser known breaches occur daily all over the country.  While some credit unions rely on a VISA CAMS alert or news story to notify them of a possible breach, others are staying one step ahead of the pack by identifying these breaches before fraud occurs. {Read The Full Article}

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Capture Your Members’ Spending Data and Get a Clear Picture of Their Buying Characteristics

Capture data on every Visa credit & debit card transaction your member make regardless of data processor.

Good business decisions come from better information.  Visa Vue Online (VVO) puts your latest transaction data and peer data from the world’s largest retail electronic payments network in your hands.  Whether you need to acquire, retain, or upsell members, VVO gives you powerful insights on your card portfolio quickly and easily.

{Read The Full Article}

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Young Professional Group is Growing


The Young Professionals for Credit Unions group is well on its way to a successful year.  Since the kickoff of the YPCU in March, membership has grown and the group has set a calendar full of exciting events.  YPCU has participated in fundraisers for CMN, joined in at Annual Convention, provided lunch and learns for professional development and organized a park clean up.  {Read The Full Article}

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