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Mobile Banking — There’s an App for That.

Smartphones are as much a part of today’s daily activities, as your morning cup of coffee.  Recently IDC (International Data Corporation) reported 49% of the US population uses a smartphone and projects by 2017 that number will rise to over 68%. Add to that all the iPads, iPods, tablets and Kindle devices and you will soon realize the Mobile Revolution is exploding. {Read The Full Article}

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Card Services for Credit Unions (CSCU)

CSCU is the credit unions industry’s advocate, partner, and leader in total payments solutions.  Created and owned by credit unions, we are driven by the same principles that guide the industry.  We work exclusively with credit unions to provide a customized, holistic offering that maximizes value for both credit unions and their members.  CSCU’s services and offerings are focused on driving growth and success for our nearly 3,000 member credit unions. {Read The Full Article}

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Credit Union Leaders Support PAC

A key component to having a strong presence on Capitol Hill is having a Political Action Committee (PAC) that is well funded and therefore can provide financial support to those candidates running for Congress that support the credit union industry.  In Nebraska, hundreds of credit union leaders have opened up their wallets to support our credit union PAC, the Nebraska Credit Union League Political Action Committee (NCULPAC), by joining the 2013 Capitol Club.  {Read The Full Article}

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CU Lenders Participate in UNL Project

Local Credit Union Business Lenders participated on a project review panel for the University of Nebraska – Lincoln graduating seniors tasked with developing a feasibility study and commercial loan application for a $10 million mixed-use project.  The project consisted of four phases: {Read The Full Article}

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Generating Non-Interest Income in Such a Highly Regulated Environment

Credit unions looking for ways to remain viable and competitive can no longer rely on conducting business as usual. As the opportunities to generate fees from traditional services are reduced, many institutions are concerned about how to maintain a level of income that allows them to remain competitive in the marketplace. Let’s face it, it can be challenging to increase revenue while keeping at the forefront the need to comply with existing regulations and – most importantly – maintain a high level of services for members.

By following these five strategies, you can streamline your credit union’s processes, increase your non-interest income and provide services that more accurately reflect what your members want and need: {Read The Full Article}

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Have You Updated Your Find a Credit Union Information?

Find a Credit Union is a user-friendly, web-based service that links potential members with credit unions they may be eligible to join.  The program requires a potential member to fill in a series of simple information fields such as city, state, zip, occupation, religious affiliation, organization, association and employer.  This input is matched with the information contained in the database and a list of possible credit unions is displayed.  The potential member may learn more about a credit union from the list by clicking on the credit union name.  A credit union detail page will be displayed, providing information about the credit union, such as website, e-mail, address, branches, and phone number.  This process can be repeated for every credit union on their list. {Read The Full Article}

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Nebraska Senators Urge CFPB Mortgage Rules Delay

In a letter to Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) director Richard Cordray, Nebraska’s two U.S. Senators Mike Johanns and Deb Fischer joined twenty-four of their colleagues in urging the CFPB to provide relief to the Nation’s financial institutions by “deferring implementation” of its new mortgage rules.  The new rules are set to go into effect in January of 2014.  On several occasions, Nebraska Credit Union League staff and credit union advocates have spoken directly with Senators Johanns, Fischer, and their staffs on the importance of allowing credit unions the time necessary to comply with the new rules.  The letter (see the full letter) rightly states, “These proposed new rules and amendments will prove daunting for the nation’s community banks and credit unions with few compliance officers.”   It further warns that the new rules could lead to a market disruption for consumers who seek mortgage lending with credit unions and banks unable to comply by the January deadline.  Credit union members are increasingly seeking mortgage loans from their credit union and it is critical that the ability of credit unions to offer mortgage lending not be encumbered. {Read The Full Article}

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New President at Chadron FCU

Barb Roth is the new President of Chadron FCU, effective Dec 1st.  She is a native of western Nebraska and has served in the credit union industry for about twenty years.   Barb’s service includes managing a Grand Junction credit union and consulting for the Colorado League.  She is married and has two grown kids.  Welcome Barb!

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Credit Unions Find a New Ally in Merchant Processing

PowerPay Offers Unique Revenue Opportunities 

For many small business owners and entrepreneurs, lowering costs is often their no. 1 priority as they strive to establish a solid financial foundation and grow their business. It seems counterintuitive, but often the way many businesses lose money is in their attempt to collect it. Accepting credit cards doesn’t have to break the bank. {Read The Full Article}

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Siouxland FCU Opens New Branch

Siouxland Chamber Ambassadors were on hand to help Siouxland Federal Credit Union cut the ribbon to open their new Dakota Dunes branch. And if they had internet scissors, the Ambassadors would’ve also cut the ribbon for Siouxland Federal Credit Union’s new website at {Read The Full Article}

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Take A Holiday Spending Halftime

DENVER—Consumers are feeling more confident about their ability to manage holiday expenses this year, but with just two weeks left in the shopping season everyone can benefit from a spending reality check.

According to an online survey commissioned by the National Endowment for Financial Education® (NEFE®) and conducted by Harris Interactive in November 2013 among over 2,000 U.S. adults, 39 percent of Americans are much/somewhat more concerned about being able to afford holiday expenses this year compared to their level of confidence five years ago. This is a big drop from NEFE’s 2011 holiday spending survey1, when 49 percent said they were more concerned about holiday spending than they were five years before. However, the NEFE poll finds six out of 10 shoppers still plan to go online or head to the stores without a budget, meaning they could end up overspending. {Read The Full Article}

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The Financial Check-In: Get Personal With Your Lending Marketing

Personal, one-on-one service is a cornerstone of the credit union brand. But not enough credit unions extend the personal touch into their lending marketing. Mass marketing, such as media ads, treats all members the same. Get personal with your lending marketing—it’s the best way to know you’re offering members what they really need, especially in a changing technological environment with social media and mobile banking. A great tool for establishing a direct link is the “financial check-in.” Every credit union defines its own version of a financial check-in, depending on its member profile and its staff’s capabilities. Credit unions with successful financial check-in programs, however, tend to do most of these things: {Read The Full Article}

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Upcoming Compliance Deadlines

-December 2013: Regulation CC amendments (final rule expected)
-January 10, 2014: Loan Originator Compensation rule effective.
-January 10, 2014: Ability to Repay and Qualified Mortgage rule effective.
-January 10, 2014: High Cost Mortgage and Homeownership Counseling rule effective. {Read The Full Article}

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Study Endorses Public Funds in CUs

Nebraska is one of 25 states that does not include federally insured credit unions on their list of permissible depositories for local government funds.  Many of the states surrounding Nebraska permit their local governments to consider credit unions when depositing public funds including Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.  Filene Research Institute recently commissioned and released a study on the benefits of allowing local governments to consider a local credit union as their depository.  The study was conducted by Dr. Luis Dopico and Dr. William Jackson.  Dr. Williams is an economics professor at the University of Alabama and Dr. Dopico is a research consultant for Macrometrix. {Read The Full Article}

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Enterprise Car Sales — December 2013 Update

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve launched our very first television campaign for Enterprise Car Sales. Beginning in October, Car Sales started airing commercials on both national broadcast and cable networks. The purpose of this campaign is to build awareness that Enterprise also sells cars and how we’re different from other used car dealers. {Read The Full Article}

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