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Webinar Invite: Grow Non-Interest Income with Credit Union Auto Club!

Every Wednesday at 1 p.m. CDT Through Wednesday, September 25th

Credit Union Auto Club, Invest in America’s newest discount program, lets your credit union generate non-interest income while providing a wide range of roadside assistance services and other benefits at a significant savings compared to competing auto club plans. Your members will receive: {Read The Full Article}

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Your life line in a sea of regulations.

At PolicyWorks, we’ll help you navigate your way through the dangerous waters of regulatory compliance. We are trained and experienced in helping credit unions meet the industry’s ever-changing regulatory demands so that you can focus on what really matters – serving your members.

We offer a variety of solutions to credit union’s regulatory challenges including: {Read The Full Article}

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Debit Interchange Decision: Next Steps

The U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia on July 31 vacated the Federal Reserve Board’s rule, finding that the agency disregarded Congress’s intent when deciding how much financial institutions can charge merchants for debit card transactions. The case was brought by the retail and convenience store industries challenging the Federal Reserve’s final rule implementing the price caps on debit interchange fees required under the Durbin Amendment. Obviously, this decision is negative for credit unions, and exacerbates the already harmful consequences of the Durbin Amendment. CUNA, along with a number of other trade associations representing all sectors of the financial services industry, weighed in on this case as an amicus. We believed, and continue to believe, that the Fed’s rule was fundamentally flawed because it set caps too low. {Read The Full Article}

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Credit Unions Unite for Good

On October 17, 2013, credit unions in 100 countries will celebrate International Credit Union (ICU) Day® by joining together and celebrating their cooperative spirit.

Unlike many banks, we at NCUL are not in business to make a profit. Credit unions all over the world are a united front focused on you, the members, with an unwavering belief in the “people helping people” philosophy upon which we were built.

In the U.S., we’re known as credit unions, but across the world, we go my many names…co-operative societies, cooperativas, and caisses populaires to name a few. {Read The Full Article}

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Letter To FCUs On Membership Advertising A Concern

NCUA’s letter to federal credit unions on “common bond advertising requirements” released recently raises some serious questions – but not about the issue at hand. Rather: It fosters concern about the propriety of such a letter to all federal credit unions, the vast majority of which are properly following the law and the agency’s rules on the matter.

NCUA’s letter to FCUs on advertising of member eligibility “without limitation” (#13-FCU-03) attempts to address “some overly aggressive marketing campaigns by federal credit unions to facilitate membership through associational groups.” In its description, NCUA asserts that these credit unions “are providing consumers with misleading information about single and multiple common bond membership requirements.” (Important: This letter has no impact on state-chartered credit unions.) {Read The Full Article}

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Enterprise Car Sales- September 2013 Update

Enterprise Car Sales is located at 7505 “L” Street in Ralston.  These last few months have been very exciting for Enterprise Car Sales!  We have continued to grow relationships around the community, particularly within the credit union family.  Enterprise has been focusing its time and energy on fostering those relationships and helping local credit unions increase their used auto loan volume.  We have found that through a direct partnership, the credit union, the member, and Enterprise all find success. {Read The Full Article}

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Managing Your Credit Card Program with FIS

A credit card program can significantly boost a credit unions’ bottom line if it is well-structured and well managed.   Experts continue to say credit cards can be the highest earning asset, and for many credit unions this is true.  The credit unions seeing the most success view their card program as a core asset and keep the product central to their strategic plans and they actively manage their programs.   They target their product to meet their member’s needs, and analyze the program annually.   Despite the products potential, some credit unions view their program as a burden, with escalating costs and little revenues.  It may have been years since they have reviewed their cardholder’s credit limits, or have looked at enhancements.  Experts recommend using risk-based pricing, reviewing credit scores and adjusting rates and credit limits. They also recommend keeping fees reasonable, issuing Platinum cards, and offering a rewards program. {Read The Full Article}

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Quest CU in Topeka seeks VP of Lending

Quest Credit Union, a $275M CU located in Topeka, KS seeks a VP of Lending to direct and coordinate all lending activities and become a strategic partner to help establish and implement our overall growth strategy.

We are looking for someone with a proven track record of leadership and loan growth to participate in our long and short term strategic planning, to develop and mentor staff and ensure alignment between staff performance and established goals and initiatives. {Read The Full Article}

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Upcoming Events

October 2-3 – Compliance Conference 
Join PolicyWorks as they keep your regulations on target for your credit unions’ success.  Register now at

October 17 – International Credit Union Day 
Credit unions continually demonstrate their ability to improve the lives of individuals, families, communities and countries around the world, and have done so for generations. This is the time to show your members how credit unions Unite for Good. {Read The Full Article}

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Family Focus FCU Nabs First NextGen ATM

ATMFamily Focus shared branching ATM is open as of today! As you know, this is the first machine of its kind in the State of Nebraska and is SURCHARGE FREE! We are excited to begin promoting the ATM to get the word out to other credit unions and their members (especially those that participate in shared branching) as the machine gives them 24 hour a day access to make deposits, withdrawals, transfers, etc. Credit Union members can utilize shared branching by creating a log in with any card from their wallet that has their name on it as well as a magnetic stripe. It is not necessary to have a credit union ATM card. Guests can also use the machine as a traditional ATM. {Read The Full Article}

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Windows XP Operating System Sunset Issue and Alert

Microsoft has announced plans to discontinue support for the XP operating system in April of next year.  This will have potentially major safety-and-soundness implications as a large percentage of ATMs (estimates range as high as 75%) rely on XP.  Moreover, migrating to another operating system is no easy feat.  The FFIEC is working on formal guidance, but we thought you might like a primer on the issues now.  Accordingly, a short brief follows.  {Read The Full Article}

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CU Members Take Action with #DontTaxTuesday

On September 10th, CUNA and the Leagues rolled out #DontTaxTuesday to generate social media (Twitter & Facebook) contacts, as well as e-mails, in to members of Congress to tell them “Don’t Tax My Credit Union” (DTMCU).  On that single day, more than 5,000 tweets were sent and 600 Facebook posts were made.  CUNA reported that more than 1 million Twitter users were exposed to the “Don’t Tax My Credit Union” message.  The recent effort propelled the DTMCU campaign to reach more than 3 million Twitter and Facebook users nationwide. {Read The Full Article}

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